Sunday, November 19

Day nineteen: over 60% less germy

Okay - time is of the essence and I must write and post this quickly for fear that sick baby will wake up again. She wasn't too cranky today but she was definitely sick. I hate seeing her that way (I know, I know, what kind of sadist would want to see their child sick?) with a stuffed up nose, congestion and the sneezes. She's such a trooper. Alright, enough with the sick baby talk and onto the movie portion of this post.

So being Sunday, I've got another Motherbumper's movie thingy list.

Since I could be called away at anytime I decided to pull out a list I made a while ago and kept for emergencies just like this. So I've got a list of movies that I haven't seen.


Yup - movies that I'm surprized that I have never seen. I spent my teen years in the 80's but I missed many of those pop culture celluloid Trivial Pursuit worthy gems. I saw many movies during that time (I saw almost all the John Hughes movies) but I missed a few mainstream movies. I've also missed some "classics" that I've never made time to see.

So without building it up more then it deserves, my list of movies that I'm surprized I have never seen:

(1) Footloose. Nope, never saw this one and I know little about it. Something about a preacher's daughter that live in a town where dancing is banned and she hooks up with some new kid who dances like a mo'fo'. Oh yeah, and something about playing chicken stretched out between two pick-ups.

(2) Ghost. Something about a dead guy and a pottery-wheel. I understand that Demi Moore's haircut influenced many women.

(3) Dirty Dancing. All I know is the saying "No one puts baby in the corner" or something like that, is from this movie. And I have no idea what that means.

(4) Gone With The Wind. Okay so I pretty much know the premise of this one and I have seen maybe the first hour but that's it. I really should make time for that one.

(5) Wizard of Oz. Once again, I know the basic gist but never have seen completely and I don't know how it ends. So please don't ruin it for me. I'll watch it sometime in the next ten years.

So have I missed anything by not seeing these movies? Should I check them out?

My parents sometimes discouraged me from seeing some popular teen / young adult movies, instead providing access to some really great and not so great films of the more independent stream. But I'll save those for another list.

I must say that I agree with my parent's decision to not let me see this one back when I was in grade four. I saw it in the theatre at it's 20 anniversary re-release and I actually found it completely inappropriate for kids. I'm shocked classmates in grade school were allowed to see this (grade four!). And the ending! Basically if you dress like a slut, you get the guy. GAH!

Wait a second. Am I getting that crotchety in my old age?

Please don't answer that.


crazymumma said...

Dear crotchety. Definetly, the message in the movie sucks, but it is so much fun. In truth we probably would let our Biggirl watch it because she would process it completely differently than our Littlegirl.
You HAVE to see Wizard of Oz, esp since you love scary movies....the scene with the flying monkeys still give me chills.
Hope Bumper feels lots better soon.

Heather said...

Chiming in to say that gone with the wind is one of my favourites - definitely a period piece (what with the blatant racism) but I love it.

bubandpie said...

You are KIDDING me! I was okay until I got to The Wizard of Oz, but that one boggles the mind. Now I've got to start thinking of what major classics I've missed out on... (This idea has "meme" written all over it...)

MrsFortune said...

You must see Footloose. Nobody should be allowed to live without seeing this movie! It's so fabulous on so many levels. I'm not even going to comment on the Wizard of Oz thing. And I've also never seen Ghost. I hate Patrick Swayze.

but I think we may have to stop being friends.

Grease? The only message you took from it was that the slutty dresser gets the guy? Didn't you notice that Danny Zuko makes himself all preppy to impress her, too? So the message is you don't have to CHANGE to get your true love, because they both tried to change but it wasn't necessary. So deep!!!

Just kidding about us not being friends anymore. but come on. Greas is one of my all time top 10.

metro mama said...

Holy shit! Are you shitting me!!

TO mommy bloggers definitely must have movie night soon.

I'd rank like this: 3, 1, 4, 5, 2.

cinnamon gurl said...

I'm so pleased to see Dirty Dancing at the top of Metro Mama's list.

I haven't seen Gone with the Wind either but you MUST see Dirty Dancing... other great quotes:

"It's ok, Baby, I been slummin' too."

"Where is my beige, iridescent lipstick??"

"Baby? Is that yo name? Well, Baby, lemme tell you something, Baby. [oh crap I've forgotten the rest of it... something about go back to your playpen, Baby.]"

And Wizard of Oz... I think I was too young when I watched it for the first time... I had nightmares about tornadoes for decades. Seriously. But it's a good one for sure.

something blue said...

Next thing you'll tell us is that you never saw ET and Flashdance!

I don't know if seeing the movies on your list would capture what they meant at the time. It was of the era. Plus in the age of our innocence we didn't walk away from Grease thinking about dressing like a slut. Although I did sing "Look at me I'm Sandra Dee!"

Everyone is shocked that I didn't partake in the Star Wars phenomenon.

ali said...

you have not lived if you haven't seen dirty dancing.

Bri said...

you have to see Wizard of Oz! It's one movie I never get tired of!

kittenpie said...

Okay, now I haven't seen the first three either, but the others are serious classics. I was a wizard of Oz FREAK when I was a child, and a GWTW freak as a teen, so I'm a little boggled. You really must put in the time some day. Maybe when Bumper is older you can watch Oz with her, though I warn you that the flying monkeys are some scary shit, so don't go ahead too early on that one.

Her Bad Mother said...

My parents wouldn't let me see Grease, either, which caused it to become ICONIC for me.

Husband hasn't seen Oz all the way through, and he says the same thing - don't spoil it, I'll see it sometime.

And, Dirty Dancing? Great movie, icky star. Swayze grosses me out.

mimi said...

I've never seen Footloose either (or Flashdance, ulp). Ghost I remember being way way too blase for -- I went to see it with my two BFFs and I was so sarcastic-commenty throughout that they didn't speak to me for days.

There is a high preponderance of Patrick Swayze movies on your list. Meaningful?

Dirty Dancing is better than you might think it would be. I rented it again last year. Sang all the songs. Sighed for my lost youth. Remembered the ill-advised Baby-style shorts craze of 1988.

Chag said...

Do yourself a favor and keep Ghost and Dirty Dancing on your Never Seen List.

scarbie doll said...

Whoa! You are seriously lacking in an essential Patrick Swayze education!

OK -- Footloose was good in the 80s, would be hard to really take it in now. Save it for when Bumper is like 12 and watch it together. You might like it then.

Wizard of Oz is a must, but save it until Bumper is like 7. Then you can go as Dorothy and Toto for Halloween or better yet, Dorothy and the Wicked Witch of the West ;)

GWTW -- it's awesome. You need a few hours to get through it, but like Dr. Zhivago, it's so worth it.

I had the Grease album on vinyl. It was my only album for many, many years (that's how poor we were -- and I had to share it with my sis). It was essential to my growing up.