Monday, November 20

Day twenty: almost two-thirds cooked

Thank goodness for the advancements in photocopier technology.

I'm not quite sure how the conversation between husband and I came up but somehow we were discussing female anatomy and junior high health class during the Bumper sleep routine (right before last feed and rock, after bath time).

(why I felt I needed to tell you that? I'm not sure. Anyhow....)

I remember I was gossiping about the Cruise marriage this weekend, which led to husband talking about the danger zone and next thing I know the conversation switched to how to please a woman and what wasn't learned in health class.

Since I had no idea how husband learned that, we started talking about where he learned this important information. While I won't say where he learned it, he did say that is sure as heck wasn't from school health class.

He said the mimeograph of the female anatomy received during class was a copy of a copy of a copy and was so blurry, nothing was distinguishable. The Phys-ed teacher also doubled as the one who had to teach the boys the birds and the bees and he sure as heck didn't shed any light on things.

I thought it was hilarious because I thought he said the teachers name was Mr. Hand. It wasn't but I can't tell you how hard I was laughing when I kept picturing this guy teaching a 15 year old husband about that stuff.

So as I said, thank goodness for the advancements in photocopier technology because who knows how many boys out there are getting really really bad hand outs.


Mrs. Chicky said...


Hand outs.


cinnamon gurl said...

Wow, I only just now got JUST HOW PHALLIC fighter planes are... and the way they move across the screen in that video and flip and spin (and who did Kenny Loggins hair? gah! especially with those sunglasses) Danger Zone indeed.

And my mom taught my sex ed class in grade 4... can't get much worse than that.

something blue said...

Sex Ed was the only time the girls got separated from the boys in our school. I guess they didn't think they'd be able to stifle all the rounds of giggles as a big group.

The one thing that I recall the most about my female teacher saying about how our body changes is her holding up her arms and showing us the flabbiness underneath. I was truly frightened!

sunshine scribe said...

You are killing me with this daily funny business.