Sunday, November 5

Day five: can't think of witty title so let's call this one: I like movies

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Sundays around Casa Bump tend to be easy going and quiet. Sometimes we do nothing but go for neighborhood walks, make good food, read board books and play, well, basically whatever Bumper wants to do. Today we deviated from the norm and dedicated some time to Project Organization (which hasn't been going too well but thanks for asking).

Both husband and I have slight addiction to movies. It was one of the things that brought us together in the beginning and our annual dedication to the Toronto Film Festival has been more of an anniversary to us then any other dates in our relationship. (It was painful not to go this year.) Our love of movies has translated into having a somewhat large-ish DVD collection. I can't say how many (because I don't know) but they take up A LOT of space. It's also a very tempting collection for wee hands to dismantle, oh say, a shelf of fifty alphabetized movies which up until today she was working to break her own record of 12 seconds.

Husband and I also enjoy having pristine copies of books and movies and having a Bumper hurricane pass through a couple of shelves can cause much anxiety (yes, yes, I know - we should have known about all this stuff before having children but I just always assumed that I could avoid this types of things some-freakin'-how and that my baby would be that 'different' baby that didn't destroy stuff... yes, yes, stupid, I know).

Anyhow - today we did something about it: we purchased this huge - MEGA HUGE - binder thing that holds 8 discs per page and as of 7pm, movies A through M have been filed. The movie covers (which I will miss) have been stored in attractive IKEA boxes and squirreled away in a not-so-noticeable corner. I have to say: [Sighing with a look of love in my eyes] "Is there anything IKEA can't do?".

Now we have all these living room shelves free of movies and I've already started filling them with Bumper's baskets of toys and board books. I can't believe how much stuff is accumulated when you have a kid - I saw it happen to all my relatives and friends but I really thought I wasn't going to fall prey to this!

So if you are wondering if there is a point to this post, there actually is: I love movies and since I like to make lists and think about movies I have enjoyed, loved and hated, I figured I should post a top five "some-kind-of-movie" list on a regular basis, like say, every Sunday (or maybe each day in November that I can't find anything else to write about). Sound good? Good.

Motherbumper's Top Five "Underworld" Movies
Not for the faint of heart

5. Casino - I think I ranked this fifth because when I saw it in the theatre I had lousy seats - the kind where you have to strain your neck and sit down low, giving yourself a back ache aka front row side aisle - and due to the movie's length, I have some deep unconscious anger that translates to ranking this "low" on my top five. But I cannot deny Sharon Stone done good and I have a hard time not loving De Niro.
4. Sexy Beast - don't fuck with Gandhi man.
3. I'll sleep when I'm dead - I didn't even know it was Clive Owen in this movie until half way through. Actually, I knew he was in it but he just was so NOT Clive Owen in this movie and damn if I don't love it when an actor can do that to me.
2. The Krays - Remember Spandau Ballet, Gary and Martin Kemp? Yup, those "this much is true" guys . Well you'll never look at those pretty boys the same ever again. And the fact that this is based on actual brothers makes it even more violent.
1. Goodfellas - I could watch this movie every night (maybe followed by Raging Bull) and never get sick of it. Ray Liotta and Robert De Niro rarely let me down (exceptions: Project Dumbo Drop and The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle respectively). Henry Hill is probably one of the most interesting and irresponsible mob informants ever.

So I don't like to give away anything when I'm talking about a movie or try to write a review, because if I don't like something I'm probably not going to post about it. Unless it really sucked. But I like to share things that I've enjoyed or respected and if you want to, I'd love to hear about yours.
Where did all the stuff on the shelves go?
What am I supposed to do now?


metro mama said...

I love movie recommendations (and I think you and I have similar taste!)

Casino was awesome.

MrsFortune said...

Ooooh.... I love me some Ben Kingsley, no doubt. Did you see "The House of Sand and Fog"? I didn't because the book depressed the HELL out of me, literally I was disturbed for weeks after I read the book, but it's supposed to be a good movie.

Some of my all time favorites - The Hudsucker Proxy, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, True Romance, Last Temptation of Christ. I could list a hundred!

Recently I've enjoyed "Little Miss Sunshine" tremendously.

anne said...

Motherbumper, i was thinking of you this Halloween! Did you have fun? I knows you loves your horror....

Casino - awesome, seamless movie. Cannot wait to see teh Departed. I. Love Scorcese.
The Krays, again, what a great movie.
Sexybeast, Goodfellas, girl you just have great taste!

something blue said...

Oooh sexy mobsters! Hot which reminds me of another movie that was good Heat.

I'm sure Bumper's new goal will be speed empting of the baskets of toys and board books. This could be a new Olympic sport for babies.

Chag said...

Loved Sexy Beast, Casino, and especially Goodfellas. I'll have to check out the other two.

I look forward to seeing other recommendations.

Lisa b said...

No there is nothing IKEA cannot do. Score one Mother Bumper but Bumper looks like she is plotting something new....

Mrs. Chicky said...

I keep thinking that I should organize my CDs and DVDs in folders, it sure would save a lot of room, but I really would miss those covers. Ah, I should just suck it up and do it. It's not like CD jewel cases are display-worthy, like album covers used to be.

btw, that picture of Bumper is killing me. Her expression is too much.

Useless Man said...

I'll take your word on Casino. I went to the theatre as well to see it, and despite "good" seats, they were still movie theatre seats. Three hours later, all I could think was, "That's three hours of my life I'll never get back."

The other movies on your list I havens't seen. I'm noting them now...