Saturday, November 18

Day eighteen: weird science edition

I think this is going to be the winter of illness.

Last winter we were pretty much spared because I was not aware of any of the local drop in centres, so Bumper had little to no contact with other kids. Now that I've discovered all the local haunts, wonderfully staggered through the week so I have options for rainy or cold days, Bumper has been meeting lots of children and her mobility has made her more physically involved with these kids (translation: she is able to tackle, lick and bite - if I don't intervene in time - many more children now that she can go to them, instead of having to wait until they conveniently pass by).

We are going to have a rough winter here at Casa Bump. The sniffles started yesterday at the library, she cried out every hour most of the night and she woke up with a runny nose - icky. But she is happy and only mildly cranky.

I wish we didn't have to pay such a heavy price for socializing.

What Bumper sees when we go to play group:

What I see when we go to play group:

A germ filled petri dish with really cute transmitters.


jen said...

i absolutely agree. i've had less well than sick days this entire's mindboggling.

Mary-LUE said...

That is so funny! It does get better, though, once they've been exposed to a few germs they don't seem to catch them as often. I hope she stays happy during this round is the sickies!

Bri said...

this is so true, a girl that lives on my street was telling me her son was never sick until she started him in daycare and now he's already had 3 colds so far.

kittenpie said...

So true. I've never been so sick in my life now that Pumpkinpie is in daycare and Misterpie teaches kindergarten. Before it was just me woprking with the public. It's just plain gross around here.

Her Bad Mother said...

We just live in an endless cycle of virus transmission 'round here. Give Bumper a get-well kiss from WB.

something blue said...

I feel like I don't remember what it feels like not to have the sniffles. I've gone to work with so much boogers wiped across my shoulder that my co-workers thought I was wearing a broach. Come on people! Just tell me I've got baby snot on me already!

Hope Bumper feels better!