Sunday, November 12

Day twelve: 100% me

Hey, it's Sunday so that means it's time for Motherbumper's movie thingy.

Yeah, you're right. I've really got to work on that title.

Anyhow, this week I thought I'd pick a director that has multiples on my likey-likey lists and since I'm on a Canada kick this weekend (not quite sure why) I thought of the always out there, hometown boy, David Cronenberg.

There is something that makes me go all shivery when someone tells me he has a new movie out. Sometimes I love it, sometimes it makes me cringe. Regardless, I'm always fascinated by his choices and style so I never end up regretting the time spent watching his work (and who knows how much of my life I could have spent doing something more productive, like sleeping, instead of some of the crap I've seen).

So without further ado, Motherbumper's Top Five Cronenberg Movies
You gotta love sci-fi or horror to enjoy most of these gems

Videodrome - OK - this one is an acquired taste and I can't recommend it unless you like sci-fi and confusing storylines. I'll admit I have a soft spot for it because all the older cool kids talked about it when I was in junior high and I love Blondie AND James Woods is in it. 'Nuff said.

Dead Ringers - Jeremy Irons playing twins? How Hayley Mills! But don't be fooled, this movie is nothing like the The Parent Trap. Seriously now, can you think of a more intense actor to play freaky gynecologist identical twins? Nope, neither can I. If I remember correctly I think I saw this in the theatre with some guy who thought I'd rather make out than see the movie. He so didn't know me.

The Fly - I saw this one in the theatre also, but this time to be safe, I went with my sister. OMG, the scene in the bar when he realizes his strength has never left my mind in top gross out scenes in my life. Brundle Fly - I heart you!

The Dead Zone - Have I ever mentioned how much I loved Stephen King when I was a teenager? Or how much I love Christopher Walken? Have you ever seen him on SNL? The man is not only a talented actor, he can sing, dance and has amazing comic timing. But I think I may have liked this one because of Brooke Adams. I was totally into the book Lace by Shirley Conran and she played Pagan in the made for TV movie. Oh to be a 1960's debutante, making trouble in a Swiss boarding school! Come on, give me a break, I was 14. And maybe I should rewatch this movie to see if it belongs on the list.

A History of Violence - I saw this one at the 2005 TIFF. I was heavily pregnant and each movie I saw was rated on a scale that included whether or not the film was literally worth sitting through (if you know what I mean fellow moms). Well I knew this one would be worth it because of Viggo. I'd pay to watch this man read the phone book. I refer to him by his first name because we are friends in my head. Husband knows and teases me endlessly. Anyhow, hotness aside, it didn't start off right for me because the opening scene with the little daughter seemed forced to me but after watching the entire film I understood it's purpose.

And that concludes this week's Motherbumper list. So it's not that I've run out of list ideas (because I haven't) but if you have a Motherbumper film list you'd like to see, I'd love to hear it. The stranger, the better.

FtF diary update:
Current Project Fight the Frump (FtF) Standings:

Day 4: Does getting up to get food because I was too lazy to cook so that was the only reason I put on clothing count as defrumping? Ah, who am I fooling - no one. Percentage of day spent frumpy: 99.97%

Day 3: I never got dressed. My MiL was here, I was feeling crappy and I remained in sweats all day long because I had no obligation to leave my home. I plead "sick". Percentage of day spent frumpy: 100%

Day 2: I was dressed at 9:30 am (whoa). Clothing clean(ish) and coordinated (black always looks great with denim). Teeth brushed, hair clean (but wet and pulled back in ponytail) and I actually applied mascara AND blush. Mom-friends at drop-in playgroup noticed. Percentage of day spent frumpy: 15%

Day 1: I got dressed at 2:17 pm. Not bad but I think I can do better. Percentage of day spent frumpy: 70%
Tomorrow is always another day or [insert own uplifting "you can do it" cliche right here].

Oh yeah, this was my 100th post. Yay me!


Chag said...

Dude! No Scanners?

Congrats on reaching your 100th post.

something blue said...

Hey did you make it to the Andy Warhol exhibit Supernova: Stars, Deaths and Disasters at the AGO? I found it even more interesting because the curator was David Cronenberg.

Congrats on the 100th post. Here's to many, many more...

kittenpie said...

I jsut watched the Stepford Wives remake that Walken was in last night - pretty funny, especially at the end. And I loved him dancing in that fatboy Slim video.

But Viggo is more my kinda yum.

ali said...

i'm dying to see a history of violence. i heard it was AMAZING.

crabbykate said...

I liked History of Violence a lot, too. Just not the end. It seemed a bit contrived at the end, ya know? But YES, bring on the Viggo.

Catherine said...

I'm not sure what I laughed at harder/related to more - being friends (ahem) with Viggo in your head or 'fighting the frump.'

(And. I was grappling with the MIL this weekend, too. Bitched about it at urban moms, but otherwise, just coped.)

Her Bad Mother said...

Catherine is me, btw. Dunno why blogger is forcing me to accept my real identity. Evil.

cinnamon gurl said...

Oh yeah, I loved Walken in the fatboy slim video. He clearly rocks.

And my teeny tiny hometown's claim to fame is that the assassination scene in Dead Zone was filmed in our very own town hall. Other parts were also shot in the area.

sunshine scribe said...

You ar friends with Viggo in your head?!? Love it :)

Your movie thing rocks