Thursday, March 20

Lost for the Ages

First Assertagirl brought me immense relief when she pointed out Bumper looks more like Amelie rather than the editor of Vogue (and my little girl is definitely quirky in that beautiful Amelie way if I say so myself):

Well holy heck, it's a relief to have no more Wintour flashes and glimpses - too much attitude for me to deal with. So now it's Amelie. Cool I can deal with that.

But then Kittenpie brought up Ramona Quimby and well... that cannot be denied, both in nature and looks:

Well I'll be darned, doesn't that look like her? If Ramona is tough enough to be tattooed on your arm, well that's good enough for me.

That is a relief, and thank you for letting me sleep at night. To think that I could have been raising a Prada loving devil was hard to wrap my mind around.

Though she would probably get me into that legendary closet at Vogue AND send lots of free shoes my way.

And bags. And maybe some clothes. And definitely some make-up. I'm mean, I AM her mother after all.

Maybe I should rethink this.

Anyhow - have you been over to MommyBlogsToronto lately? This week, four of the fantastic bloggers over there wrote some kick ash stuff: Shooting for Hip (IRL: Don Mills Diva), Pick of the Litter (the librarian with sass aka Life of Pie), Restauranter (yummy it's The Petite Gourmand), and Mama Drama (the blogger formerly known as #, now known as nomotherearth). All great reads, let me tell you. You're welcome.


So I was waiting for the bus at the subway station this morning and the conversation of two older ladies caught my attention (picture Maude's mom and Betty White + 20 years - didn't really watch the show).

OK, so I was eavesdropping out of boredom and they were the only other ones around the station. I had no book and forgot my iPod and they were talking loud enough for me to hear so what's a girl to do?

Now that we have established that I'm a snoop, let me regurgitate what was overheard. I came in just as their conversation went something like this:

Diane*:Who do you think Jack wants to be with?
Lydia*: (no hesitation) Kate. Definitely Kate.
If I was Kate I'd like Sawyer.

Well if I was her, I'd be with Sayid.

: Reeeee-ally?

: Yes. I like foreign men. My first husband was Irish.

* names have been changed because I didn't steal their purses to find out their handles. Bad security camera angles - motherbumper is no fool.

I almost started to add my two cents but stopped myself for no reason other than I was enjoying how a LOST talk was progressing between two women who appeared to be in their late 60s (and I'm being nice). They looked more like Wayne Newton fans rather than LOST junkies.

Obviously I have no idea what older people watch because I couldn't think of one show to compare to the popularity of LOST. Must brush up on geriatric pop culture.

In case you are wondering - the bus came before Desmond was mentioned (you know they had to have talked about him at some point - Lydia's husband was foreign and all). Seriously, I would have totally pegged them for Jack ladies. You really do learn something new every day.


Anyhow, I'm over at motherbumper's laboratory reviewing the latest dvd offering from Bob the Builder (CAN WE READ IT? YES WE CAN!).

Oh and because I have lemming tendencies: what do you want to know about me? what questions about motherbumper don't let you sleep at night? I'm trying to write my "About Me" section but each time I start it, it bores me to tears - so please help me spice it up. What do you want to know about the blogger called motherbumper?

fade to black


Shania said...

I so agree with Lydia. Sayid is hawt! And inquiring minds want to know how motherbumper refrains from gloating about that adorable child in every post. I don't think I could.

kittenpie said...

Oh! Amelie! She's right, too! I didn't even think of that, but now that I see it... Perfect. (Even if I am a HUGE Ramona fan.)

kgirl said...

Yes! Amelie! So cute.

I want to know so much...
If you could transplant anything East Coast to the T-dot, what would it be?

Do you think you'll ever move back?

If you could transplant anything T-dot to the East Coast, what would it be?

Do you think I should join a gym?
oh, wait, maybe this isn't the place for that one.

Mandy said...

You are soooo allowed to eavesdrop at a bus/subway/train station. It's what you are supposed to do. And people are supposed to talk just loud enough to allow us the luxury of overhearing without feeling pervy.

And yes, she's Amelie. (Or Ramona, because really, who didn't love Ramona and think Beezus was just way too goody goody for her own good?)

Heather said...

My mom says she can't watch Lost because she hasn't watched it up until now and she wouldn't be able to figure out what's going on. I told her NOBODY knows what's going on...that's part of the show.

You'd think she'd watch at least to see Sayid. Sheesh.

motherbumper said...

Heather: My momma probably thinks it's a show on missing people like Unsolved Mysteries - OH That's the one I should have said instead of Wayne Newton - what ol' lady doesn't think Robert Stack is yummy? I sure would like him served on a cracker with my Metamucil.

Ali said...

Amelie! Ramona! those are GREAT!

also..i'm all about the unrelated tangent! haha! (clearly, also i'm all about the exclamation mark...)

and..i want to know what's your biggest pet peeve? also...what's YOUR most annoying habit?

mamatulip said...

I love that those ladies were talking about Lost. I like Sayid too, but not as much as Desmond.

I want to know the one thing you did as a teenager that you don't want Bumper to do. Ever.

I also want to know how you met Mr. Bumper.

scarbie doll said...

Whatevs, your daughter is a stunner and a fiesty spirit. She's gonna trailblaze her own path that one. She will be burnin' down the house before you know it!

I want to know: do you like mayo? Because I really like mayo. Just had some in a sandwich while I read this.

Also, not about you but perhaps you can help: Why am I reading your blog when I should be WORKING?

And kgirl -- you should join the new gym at my intersection when it opens so we can do yoga together and have a drink afterwards to recalibrate our chakras.

Mandy said...

What date do you wish you had never gone on and why?

Mac and Cheese said...

I think I might of seen an episode of Robot Chicken where they did a segment called "Golden Girls in the City", and it had the actual Golden Girls sitting in a restaurant, talking sex like they do on Sex and the City, and the guy in the next booth all grossed out and may have lost his lunch. It might be a good thing that the bus showed up.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Eeew. That's like my Nana telling me who she'd like to "be with".


And sayid's head is still too big.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Oops, almost forgot my question.

If you could pick one person, alive or dead, movie star, rock star, or person you know, to slather in chocolate and nibble at like a candy Easter Bunny for ever and ever, who would you pick? And why?

Amanda said...

I've been rather fascinated by the memeish thing making the rounds about things you should have said. Not really saying you should ha e your about me be a another way of saying, the stuff I am still bitter about, but a twist on the about would be nice. How's that for a non-answer?

Chag said...

My poor kids just look like me.

Could you do one of those "100 Things" as your About Me section? I'm not sure how it works, but I've seen it on more than a few sites.

If not, here's a question: What's your biggest regret?

And I like mamatulip's suggestion about how you guys met.

Kyla said...

I hope I'm still drooling over eye candy of that magnitude when I'm pushing 60. LOL.

the mama bird diaries said...

This I loved.."names have been changed because I didn't steal their purses to find out their handles."

Next time... please pipe in.

Question.. if you had to guess today your daughter's future career.. what would you pick? why?

nomotherearth said...

Okay, fellow tv lover, what are your top ten tv shows to date? (ie. what dvds should Casa Earth be investing in)

Oh, and Amelie totally. With a dash of Ramona. I love both, btw.

sandra said...

Amelie! Love that

And you are funny lady and I heart you.

mothergoosemouse said...

Bumper looks absolutely adorable! How I wish my own girls' hair would look so tidy.

Love Amelie. Love Ramona. Love Bumper (and her mama, of course).

Lisa b said...

Love Amelie.

Love that 'my first husband was Irish' pure entertainment.

I want to know your secret identity or dream job as in the job you have in your dreams, not the best job you could possibly have in real life.
like my bf thinks she is a secret agent and I think I am the boss of everything.

Lisa b said...

do you like your 'hood?
where would you move in tdot if you could live anywhere and whyl.

Redneck Mommy said...

I'm late to this party, as usual. But I'll still play if you let me.

(First let me drool for a minute over the mental image of Sayid feeding me grapes on a deserted island...)

I'll do the dinner party could throw a dinner party and invite any five guests...dead or alive...who would they be and why?

Janet said...

Amelie is much, much better.

If you could go back and redo one decision in your life, what would it be?

daysgoby said...

(This may be showing my ignorance of your archives - I haven't read them *all* yet)

But....why Motherbumper? Why the title of your blog, and why do you call yourself Motherbumper?