Sunday, March 23

got chocolate?

gmphga chmphpolatph?
(translation: got chocolate?)

Happy Easter to all those who celebrate.

We are having a traditional lunch of ham, potato, broccoli, carrots, and corn all finished with more chocolate eggs. I also picked up what I hope is a nice Reisling to compliment the ham. Bought local (save for the corn & carrots) for the foot print thang.

Reisling is new to me - I'm a red person but I figured I'd follow the "rules" that my eighth grade French teacher drilled into our heads. Seriously, we were quizzed on what wines complimented which meals in 8th grade French. Now that's education.

Bumper's first egg hunt ended moments ago (I figured the earlier she eats the candy, the more daylight hours can be used to burn the sugar). It was a roaring success. A marshmallow egg is slowly being consumed and she won't stop talking about how good it tastes. I can't help but notice how much lint sticks to these things once unwrapped. Good thing toddlers aren't fussy.

"Mmmmm mommy, this is yummy."
"Yes Bumper, it is yummy - chocolate will never let you down. Let that be your lesson today."

So if you need some good reading to go with all that chocolate, here are some of my favorite sk*rts from the past week:
Now I'm back to track my standing in the basketball pool because I'll be damned if I let Chag, Whit, SciFi Dad, or Sarah kick my a*s. And Backpacking Dad - I'll be catching up soon, ya'hear?

And yes, I'm going to answer all those questions I solicited on my last post. Keep 'em coming - if you want to know what make motherbumper tick, leave me a question in the comments. No topic too sensitive (she sez with treppy-dition).


Amanda said...

Good grief, but she's cute!

We commenced the ingestion of chocolate mighty early here as well, the better to burn it indeed.

Enjoy the reisling, in my continuing to bid to sound like a total lush, I am so looking forward to delivering this baby so that I might partake. And partake, and what the hell, partake a little more. Hic!

Sandra said...

Mmmmm chocolate.

Not sure if I asked a question already so I'll ask again ... what was your worst date ever? Heh.

Kyla said...

Happy Easter! I just love her new 'do.

Shannon said...

It's kind of scary (but adorable) how much she looks like a mini-Amelie!

Being from Saskatchewan, I have to say that it looks like all those celebs moved to Saskatchewan trailer park in the early 90's. But still, funny!

Flutterby said...

I hope the linker to the linker to the link of the Saskatchewan thingy realizes that's been posted elsewhere a bazillion times... under the title of celebrities after they move to Oklahoma.
My kids are teens now. But I still have to do the chocolates and peeps thing every Easter. Thankfully we did not have the grandkids overnight. So mom gets to deal with the sugar highs all day. Which means by tonight they'll be asleep when they come over for the night.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

You'll never catch me!

(Wait - I'm beating someone in my brackets? I thought Gonzaga and Duke killed me.)

Chag said...

Happy Easter!

And if you hadn't gone against UNC, you would still have a dog in this fight!

kittenpie said...

I think ham is one of those things that can go either way, frankly. Red would be just as good.

We had a chocolate sheep hunt, since I didn't know I was supposed to do the egg business. Sheesh. But then again, chocolate is always a hit in our house, not matter what the format.

And good gravy, I know I carry on about it all the time, but that kid is cute. I am so loving the new 'do.

Jezer said...

Happy Easter! Oh, yeah,'s been chocolate all day long around here (since 7am!). Enjoy!

Heather said...

I like American Reisling, which seems weird, but it's just sweeter or something. I'm looking forward to having a glass of wine on vacation in June. My #3 should be about 3 weeks old then.

Happy Easter.

nomotherearth said...

She's so Amélie!

Mayberry said...

Best French teacher ever! I am impressed. I had one that was just downright nutty and made us watch Carmen every year.

Bumper is too cute and I think the bangs are chic.

Backpacking Dad said...

Catching up to what? I'm tied for dead last, except for the guy who forgot to fill out his brackets.

Although I'm going to gloat like hell when Stanford wins.

Go Cardinal! Woooooo!

Just got back from break myself, so I'm catching up on a bunch of stuff.