Friday, February 22

And this is what I've learned about you

Last Friday I asked the all important, completely non-scientific, but fun to answer question:

My personal private hypothesis made me think I'd learn more about my readers by asking that question.

And I did.

First of all, I'm surprised that there was only one vote for Charlie (and this is why I adore Kyla, she has great taste - mmmmm musicians).

The petite gourmand listed Sawyer as her first choice but also thinks Desmond ain't to shabby (wink wink nudge nudge).

She also told me that the creepy looking dude who played Ethan Rom is Tom Cruise's cousin (thank you, trivia is one of my favorite pastimes - oh sweet lord, I'm such a nerd, why didn't I just say I also make tea cozies in my spare time?).

Ali questioned my sanity over the need to ask if Sawyer is delectably delightful. Yes, yes, I understand but you know, I was trying to be diplomatic.

Something Baby Blue and I are almost always of like mind (sometimes it gets scary, like when she dreams about liquid paper and I post about it the next day). Needless to say, SBB has Sawyer as her boot-knocking buddy.

Stimey is a sucker for accents, so Desmond would make her swooney.

Hey, informal survey: everyone who has the same weak kneed reaction at the sound of an accent other than their own, raise your hand.

Yes, that's what I thought. OK, you can all put down your hands now.

Note that Stimey also added that if Desmond is already being groped, she would be "content" with Sawyer. Content? Mmmm... I'm sure he'd leave you content

Now mama bird diaries voted for Jack. But this was based on him being Charlie from Party of Five (Editor Note: PoF? Po5? not sure of acronym, never watched it) as opposed to Jack because she doesn't watch Lost. So she is voting for Charlie, I mean Jack, wait... oh great, I'm confused.

Wait, Janet votes for Jack based on Jack being Charlie too.

Oh, I get it now: Jack as Charlie as Jack means Jack gets laid.

Now Bub and Pie made Jack (being Jack) her number one followed by Desmond and Sayid, who are apparently all very yummy. And I agree.

Jack by nomotherearth's own admission would probably be her suitor (because she claims to be square). (Editor's Note: uh? so not true). Despite the nonsense about sporting corners, she totally confesses to lusting after a nice portion of Sayid with a side order of Desmond

SciFi Dad didn't even blink and declared Juliette easy on the eyes.

Heather wouldn't kick Sayid, Sawyer, or Jack out of bed. But don't fret Desmond, Heather's taken notice now that so many ladies have said your name. Mrow. Oh yes, Desmond. She will be your Penny.

Now Victoria shouted out Jack but came right back to admit that based on her history, all signs point to Sawyer (trust me Victoria, I'm exactly the same).

My hero and girl crush, redneck mommy? Well I'm not surprised by her answer. Sayid or Sun can come by and eat cookies any ol' time.

Oh Mrs. Chicky, what does our pregnant mommy crave? She's growling at Sawyer (right on sister) and also Jin (I knew who she meant). I like her reason for Jin: there would be no wasted time with idle chit chat - no english, no red tape.

She also noted that she is turned off of Sayid after seeing him nearly naked. Apparently he was too bobble-head for her liking.

I think that it's kinda like man-hands. You just can't overlook something like that.

Oh and just in case you don't think I'm paying attention: Heather is pregnant too. Maybe that explains the possible thre*some in her daydreams.

Not a watcher of the show, but more than happy to vote: Chag proved to be a gentle and ladies man. As in: he isn't kicking too many of the ladies away (or Sawyer for that matter - Cynical Dad! You dog! I love it).

Lovely Lisa B would have had to share Sayid with redneck mommy but due to the same recent near nakedness of Sayid, she developed the "been there, done that, it's all about mountain dew" feeling. Word. (Editor Note: I bet it was the whole bobble-head thing.)

Mandy supports the trend: a pushover for the foreign guy - or more specifically - his accent. Desmond is getting LUCKY. Same for Sun [omg - I almost make a "the sun isn't going d*wn on" Elton John joke with out intending to mean ... well you know.. tee hee hee... I'm so easily amused].

Mama Tulip?: Desmond AND Naomi? (RAWR).

Izzy didn't cast a real vote but I'm pretty sure I have a hot date.

Lil'Debbie continued the stroking of my ego and made me feel all sunshine and rainbows about myself (as usual you sweet thang).

Russ admits to not being up to speed but that didn't prevent votes for Kate and Sun.

And when it comes to For a different kind of girl, Desmond just has to whistle, or say "brotha" or "Penny" or just breathe for that matter. Mmmmmm haggis is on the menu tonight.

Anyhow. What did I learn by asking you this question?

Well based on my calculations:

As you can see my hypothesis has been proven:

You are a bunch of horny devils that watch too much television. And most of you will also be able to identify either Leif Garrett or the "where's the beef" lady at 50 paces.

That is the reason that I love almost all of you guys - even the ones who didn't vote. I totally know what you do in your spare time.

If I missed anyone, leave me a note - I'd hate to leave you out of the fun and who knows, you might change my calculations to Cheryl Tiegs. It can happen.

Have a great weekend y'all!


metro mama said...

I missed this the first time. I would take Sawyer and Kate.

Heather said...

Okay, this was too funny. I have to admit I wondered when you wrote "our pregnant mommy" about Mrs. Chicky! I wanted to raise my hand and say "me too!" You got me there.

I hadn't considered the threesome. Foursome? Fivesome?

Mac and Cheese said...

Crap! I'm sorry I missed the vote! Last week I had a dream that Ben was trying to get it on with me, and although I liked the attention, I turned him down. The next night, I had a Desmond dream, which was ok, but I think that Charlie would be my pick.

Baby in the City said...

I missed th first vote too. Sayid, Sayid and more Sayid. So freakin' glad he made it off the island. And Aaron makes it off too? Who is the 6th? Gah, this season is good.
Oh, and Michael is hot too.

Janet said...

Yuck. I never realized that Leif Garrett looked like such a *girl*.

Ali said...

i was overly surprised by all the Sayid lovers out there. i totally don't get the appeal. at all.

also...i KNOW you don't watch american idol..but dude who got voted off last night? is. leif. garrett.

Redneck Mommy said...

Bobblehead or not, Sayid is still sexy. (Sorry Ali.) Toss Sun into the mix and you'll have a very happy Redneck.

Oh, and I'm coming to see you.

For reals.

mamatulip said...

Desmond and Naomi.


See you tomorrow? Oui?

Lisa b said...

This is too hot for Friday afternoon.
All I can think of is me, you, tanis, sayid and sun.
I am going to take a cold shower now.

something blue said...

Well at least we know who invite back to the hotel room if we were at BlogHer on a deserted island. Because there are hotel rooms on my deserted island… And planned conferences on internet activities…

nomotherearth said...

OMG, I think I love you. DIDN'T watch Party of Five??? You must rent it now. Best jilting and best intervention on TV..ever.

BTW, accents are my downfall. Anything from the British Isles and I'm on my knees (no pun intended, hee hee!)

kittenpie said...

That was fun, but I would totally have expected both Jana and Metro to vote Charlie, for the musician factor. Huh. Whaddya know.

Kyla said...

So funny! And Charlie is all mine? I am so down with that. LOL.

kgirl said...

I don't watch Lost so I couldn't play. Next time do something that I watch, kay?

VICTORIA said...

Ha! Great post! I love your humor!

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Sun? Jin? Eh, they're both hawt.

But I just can't get over Sayid's huge noggin. It's like doing it with Mr. Potato Head.

the mama bird diaries said...

Leif Garrett?

Oh no. I think you miscalculated.

I think Shaun Cassidy is the solution to your hypothesis.

Now that Hardy Boy was a box full of chocolates and more. If he was deserted on the island, I would watch.