Friday, February 29

I love you too Desmond

Was that the best episode of Lost last night OR WHAT? Oh Desmond, I'll be your Penny and I looooooooove you too darling!

He has moved up to the top of my "I'm crushin' from Lost" list for sure.

Oh and recent additions to the data collection on "who would you do from Lost" experiment have resulted in a change in calculations, it will now result in Shaun Cassidy (you were so right mama bird diaries):

I actually had a subscription to Dynamite and remember this issue. But the arty album WASP? Uh no, that one never entered my collection. Shirtless pic? Yeah, that was in my locker even though I was more of Parker Stevens girl. Can't deny the lure of the cuter Cassidy. You just can't.

Keep your picks coming in for your lusting from Lost list - I feel that if we skew it just right, we might achieve Fisher Stevens and that would be so FREAKY!

Yes I realize this post is slightly lame and limping but I couldn't resist saying something about last night's episode (still drooling from information overload) AND I'm as sick as a freakin' dog. BUT I also have "some good news for me" to announce next week (NO I'm not pregnant like the rest of the western hemisphere) so I'll talk to you guys later.

Right now I'm going to stick my entire body in a vat of Vicks Vapor Rub which just isn't as kinky as it sounds.
And Bobita from Blooming Yaya is conducting a research survey of parenting bloggers for her PhD dissertation (that is so cool). I heard about this over at mothergoosemouse and took part last night. It didn't take long (maybe 10 minutes but of course depends on how you answer) and I think the research is very exciting (being a research junkie). If you have the time, why don't you lend a hand, you can find the link over at mothergoosemouse's blog. Cheers.


Heather said...

Mmmmm. It was yummy.

Bobita~ said...

Thank you so much for your participation and for helping to recruit more people for my research.

I'm really excited about the research and I can't wait to get knee-deep in the analysis.

I like it, but I wouldn't go so far as to say that research is my Desmond. I would abandon my database in a heartbeat to wander a secluded beach with him. :)

mamatulip said...

Best fucking episode EVER. Holy shit. Desmond looks hot in uniform, with short hair and long. And the accent, my god, the accent. He can call me 'brotha' ANY TIME.

nomotherearth said...

I was RIVETED and I was pretty freakin' tired last night.

Kyla said...

I'm not reading anything because I haven't seen it yet! ACK! But still, I thought I'd say hello.

Bea said...

Best. episode. ever.

Denguy said...

Vick's vapour rub--my eyes watered just reading that.

Are all dogs sick? Just a question.

Lisa b said...

The BEST BEST BEST part ever was when Faraday tells him take a train, go to Oxford, Find ME!
Oh I so love lost.
I can totally buy science fiction, I was worried they were going to try and come up with some plausible explanations.
I love lost.
Does anyone know if there is a support group?
The chats I find aren't that interesting.

Stimey said...

Mmmm, hmmmmm. Desmond.

Yeah, that was a great episode.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Desmond has eclipsed all others as far as I'm concerned. And Lost has finally redeemed itself.


Whit said...

My sister was a huge Shuan Cassidy fan. I was into KISS and we only had one record player. Made for an interesting soundtrack to our childhood.

LOST was awesome

petite gourmand said...

yes yes last night's episode of lost was most excellent.
is that dude from Oxford Henry Thomas?
I'm loving the show this season and that Desmond is oh so foxy.

hope you are feeling better today

Mac and Cheese said...

If Lost was any better these days, I'd crap my pants every Thursday night!