Friday, November 30

The End is Nigh!

When I set out to do NaBloPoMo for a second time, there was a personal challenge in mind.

I know, I know - the fact that I claim there is purpose in my writing is unbelievable but it's true.

One thing that niggled my brain while writing over the past... counting fingers... counting toes... counting empty tequila bottles by the laptop... oh crap - however long motherbumper has been around - well what has bothered me is the long-winded style that possesses the writing here.

And that is being lenient. Sometimes the posts have been downright insane.

More than one long, convoluted verbal diatribe has broken out in my posts.

Okay, so few, if any, verbal attacks have erupted - with the exception of this (heated but hardly lengthy*), or this (lengthy but hardly heated*), or my latest focus of how Youtube has treated the Great Breast Fest Montage.
* I know there is a dick joke in there somewhere

So where was I? Oh yes, my ability to prattle on following seemingly endless and unrelated tangents that continue for scroll lengths worthy of a sweaty-faced bible-thumping travelling revival preacher.

This beleaguers me.

NaBloPoMo presented me with the chance to be succinct - a true challenge for someone who is incredibly multiloquent.

I think I achieved brevity and for that I am proud.

There is no guarantee that I will not return to my loquacious ways but at least I can look back on NaBloPoMo with pride.

And oh yes, in case you are wondering, the only book I packed on this current trip to the 'rents house was a thesaurus - thanks for asking!


something blue said...

I love insane. It's like a peek inside your brain! I honestly didn't mean to rhyme. Congrats!

Sadie said...

Oh my...I am very long-winded myself!! My posts do tend to run on to the point of do some of my comments on others blogs!! Shameful, but true.

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm adding yours to my list.

~Who really has to make her blogroll soon...

daysgoby said...

I'm always long-winded. But rarely as entertaining as you are!

kgirl said...

you know you posted 32 times in november. keener.

something blue said...

My earlier comment in no way was in reference to your sanity. No siree. Really, I'm just saying.

Kyla said...

Congrats!! I thought there was no way I'd post every day, but I did...sometimes twice! Nutso.

Heh. Heated AND lengthy is the way to go, for sure. It, ahem, really drives the point home.

kittenpie said...

Me too. Lord, I'm a rambling man, er, woman. But yours are highly amusing, at least.

nomotherearth said...

Is Kgirl right? 32 times?? You are my hero.

Chag said...

You can definitely look back at your month of NaBloPoMo posts with pride. You did a great job & congratulations on finishing!

Janet said...

People in my former workplace used to tease me about my long-winded voice mail. I switched to email. It didn't help much.

In truth, that's why I left the job. Their criticism stung. ;-)