Thursday, November 29

loonie and mad

For those that asked: Exit Zero empties you right into Halifax off the 102 which is the busiest highway in Atlantic Canada. It takes you right to Peggy's Cove for any touristy-types out there - a place that is well worth the trip. Nothing compares to scaling the granite of the cove - it's dangerous, invigorating, and breath-taking. I say this every single time I come home - I miss the ocean.


While at the store trying to find snow pants for the girl yesterday, she discovered the International School Bus:

Why it is called that is beyond me. Interspecies School Bus I could have accepted but international? Whatever...

So being oblivious to the rise in cost of kiddie entertainment I fished around in my pocket for a quarter so she could have a ride. I have not ridden on one of these since I was a teen taking part in illegal activities kid myself and thought she would enjoy taking the bus for a spin.

After walking around the bus three or four times with quarter in hand, I found the coin-thingy inside under the steering wheels (apparently this bus requires more than one driver). The cheap old lady in me came out - didn't these things cost a quarter - it cost a freakin' loonie! WTF?:

So I didn't actually have a loonie, but I did entertain her by cramming myself into the front seat and shaking it with all my might.

Apparently I am the wrong kind of loonie but you work with what you got, right?


Moving from loonie to mad - I actually wrote a completely different post for tonight but *grumble grumble* (and lots of swear words said quite so my parents and Bumper couldn't hear) it was eaten by the technical gods/gremlins who apparently hate me right now. So I will paraphrase and rewrite it when I've gotten some sleep:

I am a firm (more like floppy actually - hee) supporter* of The Maternal League of Justice and back in October I proudly shared my breastfeeding photo to be part of The Great Breast Fest Montage.
* I work with the super ladies as technical support through Tool of the Matriarchy

The montage makes me teary, makes me proud, and makes me say scr*w-you to any group, establishment, or organization that thinks breast feeding is something obscene or should be done behind closed bathroom doors etc. In case you didn't know, the montage was created in response to a breastfeeding photo being banned by Facebook, in addition to other antiquated responses and reactions to breastfeeding that made recent news and headlines.

Well just over a month after posting the montage on YouTube, and after tens and tens of thousands of hits, Youtube pulled and banned the video montage citing the montage "has been removed due to its inappropriate nature". WTF?

The League is waiting for a response and clarification on this outright ban. If it was too risqué it could have been classified as requiring proof of age. What does inappropriate nature mean when you can find breasts, booty, and down-right scary clips by the dozen easily on Youtube?

Get your posts up, participate (see how in this post), and let's show Youtube and anyone else that needs a kick into the 21st century that we have a voice. Stay tuned and I'll keep you abreast (get it) of any new developments.


Kyla said...

No way! They banned it?! Definitely keep us abreast. Heh. Heh. ;)

And I was thinking that the sign meant only loonies might pay the whole dollar. LOL.

kgirl said...

I know you're writing about some very important issues, but dang, I can't get over how cute Bumper is with her freshly-shorn bangs.

Stimey said...

So absolutely ridiculous I can't even stand it.

Both the $1 charge AND the YouTube thing.

Tracey said...

Sigh... I can't believe they banned it... Well, actually, I can. Pathetic.

Janet said...

With all of the skanks and shit and violence on YouTube, they ban *that* montage?! Outrageous.

Mrs. Chicky said...

I love that you call your dollar a loonie. It makes me chuckle.

something blue said...

That Interspecies School Bus rocks and so do you for making it rock without money!

Youtube on the other hand doesn't rock. I think the problem is the breast footage is not erotic enough. Seems that some would hate to turn breasts into something other than for ogling at.

Denguy said...

I watched a YouTube video of a guy breaking his leg in a gruesome manner doing something dangerous. That video was inappropriate in nature for young children to watch and it's still up there.

What a bunch of dumbasses.

kittenpie said...

That is sad. Sadly, it was also kind of predictable. Sigh.

Lisa b said...

LOVE That photo!!
Iike Kgirl I find it distracting from the issue at hand.
I've taken on the Sick Kids milk system, becoming the lactivist I had never hoped to be.
keep me in the loop.

Gunfighter said...

I have to echo what Mrs Chicky said, and add that I love that your $2 coin is called the "toonie" or is it "twonie"?

I was in Canada when the Toonie was first released. Cool coin.