Tuesday, July 10

lost in bumplation

A little while ago, I mentioned that Bumper sometimes points at different pictures and people and yells "daddy" (much to my chagrin).

Jack Bauer and guy-with-rod-in-head, are a couple of prime examples. Add the shifty-looking, bad smelling guy on the subway last week, that gangsta-wanna be in the mall, and barrista at Starbucks to that list.

I have finally figured out that she calls all men, daddy, and all women, mommy. So regardless of who you are, you are mommy or daddy. As long as you aren't a BABY!

We will be working on man and woman labels today.

Another addition to the new language of Bumperiese is her words for "thank you".

OMG, we are working so hard on the manners.

Please (peas!) was easily adopted but we are having more trouble with thank yous. Usually she just ignores my repetition or requests of "please say thank you B".

I try to set the best example, usually to the point where I sound like a lunatic in public by thanking everyone for everything.

For a few days she made up her own word for thanks: "bam bam" but it was used inconsistently.

Lately she has used "tico" a bit more consistently (and the correct first letter!) but still, that's a Spanish-speaking squirrel name (or Bon Jovi drummer).

Though I'm pretty sure she is saying it because of the squirrel.

So I figure we will arrive on something closer to the actual word soon.

I just need to find the patience to keep up the good example.

Motherbumper! Don't you always set a stellar example for your precious daughter?

Let's be serious. As much as I'd like to be the most polite person on the planet, big city living gives even the nicest of folks (like I used to be) a hard edge.

Regardless of my cynical attitude, setting a good example is the best way, right?

If not, I figure tico - I mean thank you - will morph into Kazoo because doesn't that seem like the natural progression?


kgirl said...
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kgirl said...

aw, I love it when they make up their own words. Bee's nanny is much better with the manners than we are, and as a result, Bee's are quite impeccable for a 2 year-old. We hear o, fank you! all the time, but my favourite by far is if you are in her way -
snooze me!

Good luck with the man/woman thing. Bee only identifies other people as man. A little awkward when the woman at the grocery store is stocking the shelves and Bee loudly asks, whatcha doing man?

p.s. that was me deleting because of a typo.

kittenpie said...

Oddly, we had an easier time getting thank you than please. It seems counterintuitive, right? We could withhold an item until she said please, but I think maybe she was stubborn, maybe she wasn't quite getting it. But thank yous flowing freely and for allsorts of things. Maybe because I'm a big thanker? Anyway, I loved it. Still do.

Chag said...

When my daughter was younger, she always said please and thank you. Now that she's older, she tends to forget her manners at times. Maybe Bumper will be the exact opposite?

JMA said...

We have "tattoo" for "thank you." Either that, or Little Miss E. is asking me to make my love for her eternal by etching it onto my body.

It could go either way.

Kyla said...

KayTar says, "Unga, kasanks." (which translated loosely to "here you go, thanks." I think. I know the last part is thanks anyway.) But she says it mostly when she wants you to TAKE something from her.

As in, "KayTar here is a goldfish cracker, please eat it."
"Unga, kasanks." as she pushes it away with her fist.

Or, when BubTar picks up a new toy, she hands her current toy off to the nearest person with an "Unga, kasanks." before trying to obtain his new and much cooler toy.

For some reason, so won't just put things down. It has to be given to someone with "Unga, kasanks." Now getting her to say "Kasanks." when appropriate? Usually doesn't happen. *lol* Toddlers, gotta love 'em.

Niihaus said...

Kazoo - LOL!!!

nomotherearth said...

"Thank you" is just a pipe dream in Casa Earth. I am largely ignored when I try to make it happen. "Please" is going much better - but he usually only uses it when he wants something he knows he can't have.

mothergoosemouse said...

We had trouble with "thank you" even though Tacy could bust out five-syllable words with no problem. And CJ needs prompting to say anything besides "WAAAAHHHH!"

In other words, I expect Bumper is doing juuuuust fine.

Sandra said...

I love the title of this post almost as much as I love Kazoo! She's such a cutie

something blue said...

You could try teaching her Grassy Us instead of Tico. Bwahaha...