Monday, July 9

Peppermint Swirl Date Night

SB and I had a date night last week.

Our first date night in six months. SIX MONTHS folks!

I can't tell you how sad it makes me that we only get something like that once in a blue moon.

But at least when we go a'datin' we do it big. This time we had open floor tickets to The White Stripes at the Molson Amphitheatre.

Wicked, cool, awesome is all I gotta say.

Thanks to Something Baby Blue for telling me that I could take my camera.

Let the poor photo quality be another reason on my growing list of why I need a digital SLR.

We love us some Jack and Meg and now we have digital memories. SB has seen them a multitude of times (including when I was super huge with Bump and sad that I couldn't go) but this was only my second time.

Damn. For two people on stage they make some loud icky thump music.

I must say the crowd was predominantly older civilized.

Actually, I was behind a couple plus third wheel who appeared to be in their early 20s. The girl looked like Cindy Brady going to a funeral and those skunky cigarettes they kept smoking were poorly rolled. What are kids learning in school these days? It was pathetic.

If I had drank one more beer, I probably would have given them a lecture and demo but I let it slide.


OMG - I have been awarded my first blogging award - awarded by Kyla. Girlfriend - you rock!


I'm flummoxed... I feel like Sally Field...

oh, oh, oh, here she comes "you like me, you really like me!"

Go read Kyla at The Journey because that girl can blog (and obviously has good taste if I say so myself and I did, so there).

I will be awarding my Rockin' Girl Bloggers in my next post.


I've got a new post up on Bumper's Green and I'm looking for green suggestions.

AND more importantly, there is still time for submitting your ideas for BlogHers ACT: Canada.

This is your chance to make a difference via blogging. Parliament Hill needs to hear our voice or they will just keep chugging away without us. Let's be loud, let's be active, let's get something done!

In other news, Bumper is sporting a soul patch in hopes that looking like a beatnik will inspire everyone to get in the good ol' sixties mode and start being activists.


skat bee ba doo dob dee dee da boo skee la ba dee da beedle bop a woo hoo da da da dora dora da explorer

* and when she says "THE MAN" she means politicians, not the sex


kgirl said...

what a great first-date-night-in-6-months-date!

i missed a duran duran concert when i was hugely with child. don't quite understand what all the fuss was about. if ever there was to be a, uh, civilized crowd, that would be it.

kittenpie said...

Now THAT'S a date night! Lucky girl. We're all abuzz about an upcoming lunch and movie. So pathetic, isn't it? Perhaps in a few years. We have a plan to one day start a regular date night, but it's on hold for now.

Kyla said...

We've been spoiled by a rash of date nights lately. We've recently seen 3 movies! *gasp* And tomorrow night is all about the Harry Potter!

But, our dates are nothing like yours. Wow! White Stripes! Excellent!!

something blue said...

I think it's been over a year since we last went out as a couple. Ugh. Romance are you hiding under that rock?

Love the White Stripes! Congrats on the Rockin' Award! Devil horns in the air...

petite gourmand said...

oh lucky you- not only a date night but to an actual concert.
We always end up going for a quick dinner somewhere.
I'm dying to see some live entertainment.