Monday, November 27

Day twenty-seven: so close, oh so close

I've got nothing folks, not a thing to post about.

Today was a complete write-off because it was bad from the get go.

Bumper was sick enough to warrant a visit to the doctor who confirmed she has a virus. He could only tell me that I just have to wait and see how she is in day or so and to keep her hydrated and off solids.

It's not easy to keep Bumper off solids because she is a girl who loves her bickie (arrowroot) and her sweet potato puffs. Oh yes, and potatoes and pasta. And about a hundred other solid foods. She begged tonight which was heartbreaking so I slipped her a few bland items (solids be damned!). Not enough to make her stuffed but enough to get rid of the hunger pains.

You know what? I'm going to stop right there because I could go on for hours about taking care of a sick toddler and how frustrating and sad it is when you just can't help them. But I'm going to stop because any parent reading this post already knows that sad song lyric and I don't need to repeat it all out of tune.

All I need was just to vent a wee bit. Thanks.

So I will end this post with two things: (1) a new Motherbumper's movie thingy list tomorrow and (2) a photo from the Bumper archives:

Been giving the stink-eye for over a year now!


MrsFortune said...

I hope she feels better very, very soon. I always like me some arrowroot when I'm sick. (My word verification is suczeh - very a propos, no? Sucks, eh?)

metro mama said...

Oh, poor thing (both of you). I hope she's better soon.

Bri said...

I hope she feels better soon. I love the baby pic.

ali said...

when in baby always works :)

kittenpie said...

I always went for jarred baby custard and yogurt and vanilla, rice, or taioca pudding when she was sick like that. Some protein, yummy, but bland enough to be okay.

Hope she's better soon because you are right - it totally sucks.

Lisa b said...

no solids? thats ridiculous
how could the mean Dr ask you to deny a sick toddler anything?
not fair

Mimi said...

And I'm such a dork I'm busy trying to read the titles on your bookshelf. But that sure is a pretty good stinkeye. Yikes.

something blue said...

No wonder she has the stink eye perfected! How can a baby be so cute when the are frowning? We must teach them that they will get wrinkles on their foreheads if they keep it up!

Naomi (Urban Mummy) said...

I love that look. My second son has it perfected already...he can be one angry baby.

Hope she feels better soon!