Wednesday, November 15

Day fifteen: 50% more pimped

So the wonderful Something Baby Blue nominated this site for a 2006 Canadian Blog Award in the category of Best Personal Blog. The nomination alone knocks my socks off and that is something hard to do.

The Best Personal Blog category contains a lot of supercalifragilistic blogs AND a few friends who I adore (including her) which makes voting difficult. I can honestly say that I'm flattered to be nominated but if I made it to the second round, I would just explode (which is a good thing).

So if you've got the time, please click on the logo below and cast your vote. You can vote once a day and I'll be putting the logo on my sidebar for future reference.
Canadian Blog Awards

I'm not comfortable pimping myself but it would be super cool if me or one of my friends won. Like really, really, really cool.


This week has been the week of the stink eye. You didn't see that one on your kitten calendar? Neither did I but apparently Bumper had it in her Blackberry. So far this week she has given the swimming instructor and my neighborhood mommy friend a wicked stink-eye (each on separate occasions) causing them both to recoil in fear of being struck by lightening or whatever else goes with a face like this:

Their transgressions? Swimming instructor told her to blow bubbles and neighborhood mommy accidentally got in the way of her walking. Don't cross the Bumper. It's not worth it.


Thank goodness Fussy gave the go ahead to lower the NaBloPoMo standards because I was beginning to go insane. Not that I listen to everything Mrs. Kennedy says but she's been right about oh so many things.


FtF diary update:

Ah, screw it. I am a FRUMP!


Jezer said...

1. Yay, you! I'm totally voting for you right now! Wait, I'm not Canadian--can I still vote for you?
2. The stink-eye is a-freakin-dorable!!!!
3. Eh, who cares about the frump? You crack me up.

crazymumma said...

You are not a frump and congrats on the award nomination. man she gives mean eyes...good luck!

metro mama said...

Ah, the stink-eye. I must catch Cakes' on film--'tis a frightening thing indeed.

something blue said...

You deserve the shout outs!

What's with babies born in 2005 giving those dirty looks? It may be a whole generation of ice princesses. Buttercups caregivers are slightly afraid and slightly in awe of her expressions.

ali said...

congrats on the nomination...i'm so glad that i can vote every day...otherwise, this would be way too difficult!

kittenpie said...

Gah! It's cute, it's cute!
But I have to ask - what's with all that hair?! I haven't seen her up close in a while and look waht happens...

sunshine scribe said...

SO cute!

Congrats on the nomination. SO well deserved :)

Her Bad Mother said...

There must be a stinkeye virus going around... we've got it here, too...

Bri said...

You got my vote!
Samantha threw a book at me the other day and actually laughed! There was a comment going around the other day, about how our girls will be the "Heathers" of their high school, this is 100% true, I'm quivering