Monday, November 6

Day six: 20% more painful

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I'm so stoked that so many of you enjoyed my movie list. I'm totally going to keep that one up. I've been jotting down lists all day: all time war movies, favorite naughty scene movies, best westerns, black and white, oh the lists I've been making! Thanks for the feedback.


I think the hardest point of NaBloPoMo has been my inability to keep up with other blogs. I spend more time posting but less time surfing. My bottle of red wine for a balanced blogging life!!!!

Anyhow, on with the post.


My biggest challenge in the mommy game (and trust me, there are many) used to sleep but now it's food. Not that I have solved the sleep issues, it's just they are more manageable now. Anyhow, food has become a wee bit stressful in recent weeks (but at least it is a bit less tiring... well kind of). Okay, it's exhausting my mind and patience but at least I'm getting more rest at night.

Bumper really wants to feed herself. Like REALLY wants to feed herself. Which was fine when she used her little chubby fingers but now she wants to use a spoon. Or six. She demands double fisting spoons (come on, I can understanding holding two drinks, but two spoons is a bit excessive - unless ice cream is involved). Once she has the spoon, feeding is awkward and frustrating for her as she struggles to get the food in her mouth. It's hard to watch and all be damned who try to interfere! Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't want her to feed herself but sometimes I think she just isn't getting enough.

Another issues is she won't eat anything unless I'm eating it or better yet, she's feeding it to me. It's cute but very very messy and sometimes - okay, often - she feeds me food that I'm pretty sure was already in her mouth.

With Bumper, it is impossible to predict her food cravings on a daily basis. For instance this weekend, she wanted our spicy food, which is fine and easy for us but I can't tell you how many times I've freaked out when she got all red in the face, watery eyed and drooling. But she loves that food (it's not the first time she has loved the spicy food). I did my best to remove as much spice in her food but she didn't like the plain stuff.

Of course the issues I have just mentioned all involve the times she is actually eating. In recent days I have had to resort to a lot of running around just to have her eat what I consider the minimal amount of food a baby needs (I'm probably overreacting but still...). I went to all the stores in the neighbourhood to find this stuff and some days I swear she eats I'd be freakin' out more if it wasn't for the sure-thing items: banana, oranges and peas with butter.

I know the current struggle is tied to her never-ending teething (eight and counting) and I can only imagine that teething must be like trying to grow a horn out of your elbow - freakin' painful and annoying.

I actually don't have a point in this post, I just wanted to talk about it because I know there is at least one or two (hundred) other parents out there who know this struggle and that just makes me feel a bit better knowing that.

Thanks for listening. Regular posting resumes tomorrow!

I wonder if using it this way would be easier?
Momma! Why did you just slap yourself in the forehead?


Beth said...

I used to give Claire her own spoon, then I would sneak bites in when she was pre occupied. She also really likes the spicy food.
A favorite of hers was 'tubby toast' better known as french toast. She dipped it in yogurt. Messy, but fun.
I have heard that toddlers will get the right amount of food within the week. Some days more, some days less.
That always made me feel better!

jen said...

you described it all so very well. it's messy and achy and frustrating and so damn cute all rolled into one.

something blue said...

Hey I've never found those Gerber Puffs. I'm so right there along side of you. Strawberry used to only want green vegetables and Buttercup only eats fruit. (Although tonight she wanted to cut steak with a knife and eat it with my adult sized fork) The insanity never ceases. Spoons I could handle (even six of them) but I don't recommend giving steak knives to Bumper.

ALI said...

my son is 18 months old and 20 lbs, he was a very chubby breastfed baby, but now that he has some control over what he eats...he doesn't. once and a while he will really chow, but most days he picks, and some days i swear he lives on milk with ovaltine(extra calories and vitamins) and crackers, with a cup of juice with vitamins added to it. he is almost never sick, he just keeps getting taller! he won't even it eat something he likes two days in a row...oohh for teething try freezing yogurt sticks and cutting them in half to make them easier to handle...cold and calories!
i'm posting for NoBloPoMo here
not on blogger to avoid cofusion!

Lisa b said...

I just kept telling myself over and over than my kid would never let herself starve.
It really does work out over the long term. Try to think of what she has eaten over the week and you wil feel better.
hang in there - but really the food issues are much less crazy and easier to deal with than sleep don't ou think?

mimi said...

Hi! I just read somewhere (um, the Babywhisperer, I think?) that there are some parts of feeding a toddler that you control (what, where, when) and some parts that the toddler control (if, and how much). So concentrate on your part--the what, where, and when--and let Bumper concentrate on her part--if, and how much. Like everyone else says, she's unlikely to starve, but it is possible you might drive yourself crazy ... good luck!

Bri said...

You know my feelings on this post! 13 more days till our dr visit. We'll see what she says about the feeding issue.

I found those Gerber puffs at Walmart.

Got your email, will respond soon!

Her Bad Mother said...

We're living through exactly the same thing right now. EXACTLY. The multiple implements of cutlery, the fussiness, etc, etc. Pain. In. The. Ass.

sunshine scribe said...

My son went through a two month period where he would only eat red or green food. Nothing else.