Saturday, November 4

Day four: so lame I should be taken out back and shot

If you are reading this post on a site other than or with in the address, you are reading scraped and stolen content.


I really hope that this comes in the mail on Monday or I'm in big trouble.

Anyhow, this outfit is a gift from one of our crazy relatives. I found the colour combination so overwhelming I curled into a ball soon after opening this gift and did not emerge for hours. But somehow Bumper is carrying it off, in all it's purple and lime green plush glory. I'm afraid she might be highly flammable and/or possibly radiating something toxic.

If she can make this outfit look good maybe she will be a supermodel (as long as the fact that she comes from kinda short stock doesn't work against her).

No offense meant to anyone who has this outfit and thinks it rocks. Because it doesn't.


something blue said...

Oh man, I guess I should go change my outfit pronto. I'd never pull it off the way that Bumper does anyway.

Halloween is supposed to be scary.

Mother Bumper said...

Oh man! I didn't mean to offend (I guess I was a bit rude but come on, lime green and purple is hard to carry off... and the candy corn).

Chag said...

You made it to day 4. You're over 10% done!

And you gotta love the relative-bought clothes. They make up over half of our Goodwill donations.

krista said...

Haha, that is priceless.

kittenpie said...

Man, that IS hideous! But hey, at least you got the pic to send to the relatives. You're good. Around these parts, it prolly wouldn't have touched Pumpkinpie skin.

Nicola said...

That is one trendy little outfit!! Look at it one way ,at least you've got something to shame her with when she brings her first boyfriend round to meet you!