Saturday, November 11

Day eleven: SA-TUR-DAY - Saturday!*

* am I the only one out there that sings that song in their head almost everytime a person says "saturday night"?

This morning I got to sleep in an extra hour. That made me a happy person. Tonight, I am going to bed sick with sore throat, stuffed shnoze and achy body. That makes me a grumpy person. Life just ain't fair.

In other news, I think NaBloPoMo is driving me to improve my writing because I've noticed that the stuff I have published over the past few days has been sitting askew in my mind. When I re-read my posts, I really like some passages but the other parts are, well for lack of better words, yucky and unbalanced. But that is good. I like that I'm not hating all that I wrote and realize that I've got some way to go before I'm satisfied.

I like that I have room to grow but I'm sorry that you have to suffer through it.


Just this very moment, I had another weird advertising moment. Has anyone seen the tv commercial for video game Gears of War? It makes me cringe that Tears for Fears is being used to sell something that looks absolutely violence and blood filled. I thought that song was about loneliness and suicide. Which I guess means it is violent and potentially bloody.

But I rarely trust my instincts on this kind of thing because I did drop out of Poetry 101 in university. In that class I quickly realized that all my adolescent interpretations of poems and songs were completely off base and totally juvenile. I was constantly the student at the back of the class who would ask "Ummm.... did I read the same poem?" and I wasn't doing it to be a smart-ass.

Tonight with dinner we had this wine. Thank goodness it didn't taste like it's name and I love the fact that it helps raise funds for the OSPCA. I can't hate a wine that helps out our furry friends. Actually I could, if it did taste like cat pee.

FtF diary update:
Current Project Fight the Frump (FtF) Standings:

Day 3: I never got dressed. My MiL was here, I was feeling crappy and I remained in sweats all day long because I had no obligation to leave my home. I plead "sick". Percentage of day spent frumpy: 100%

Day 2: I was dressed at 9:30 am (whoa). Clothing clean(ish) and coordinated (black always looks great with denim). Teeth brushed, hair clean (but wet and pulled back in ponytail) and I actually applied mascara AND blush. Mom-friends at drop-in playgroup noticed. Percentage of day spent frumpy: 15%

Day 1: I got dressed at 2:17 pm. Not bad but I think I can do better. Percentage of day spent frumpy: 70%
So that means I'm failing at fighting and passing at being frumpy (61% frumpy). Not a good outlook for tomorrow but I'm gonna give it the old college try. Which means I'll probably treat it like a beer bong and pass out trying.


Anonymous said...
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something blue said...

Sleeping is all that I've been doing! It feels great yet strange.

I don't think Poetry has to mean the same thing to everyone because it's art. That's my story and I sticking with it.

I hope you feel better!

something blue said...

BTW - I have no idea why I capitalized poetry. My brain's not functioning.

Mother Bumper said...

Something Baby Blue - I think your capitalization of Poetry is due to intimidation - Poetry does the same thing to me ;)

julia said...

Cat's Pee wine. I have to find that one.

Bri said...

when it's raining out pajamas are the only way to go!
Get better soon!!!

jen said...

61% frumpy? is there a test one can take?

i always think of that saturday, in the part, you'd think it was the 4th of

ali said...

okay...regarding this gears of war thing...the husband bought it on wednesday...and i haven't seen him since.

apparently, it's the best thing since sliced bread or sex or something...

Lisa b said...

no you are not the only one who thinks of that song
or the only one who didn't get dressed
I am well over my frump allowance this weekend.

crazymumma said...

Bay City Rollers.....woohoo!

I say a pair of jeans, a pull over long dress or skirt over. Some rockin boots, a good lipstick and away you go. Getting back and forth to school each day for my kids has forced me to be presentable.

I loved what you were wearing that night we had our nails done....I think that could easily translate to daytime wear.

Mrs. Chicky said...

First I thought "Weeee! Wine recommendation!", then I saw the name. Cat pee? Eeeww. Glad it tasted better than it sounds.

Up next, Dog Poop on a Juniper Bush.