Friday, November 10

Day ten: 33.3% more formulated

Friday Recap

It's now day two of Project Fight the Frump (FtF) and things are looking better.

It's day ten of NaBloPoMo and I've impressed myself by making it this far.

Overall: a good day.


I'm gonna keep a weird, uncoordinated diary in my posts for FtF so skip down to the photo of my dinner if you're not interested in seeing how I fail do in this one week challenge.
Current FtF Standings:

Day 2: I was dressed at 9:30 am (whoa). Clothing clean(ish) and coordinated (black always looks great with denim). Teeth brushed, hair clean (but wet and pulled back in ponytail) and I actually applied mascara AND blush. Mom-friends at drop-in playgroup noticed. Percentage of day spent frumpy: 15%

Day 1: I got dressed at 2:17 pm. Not bad but I think I can do better. Percentage of day spent frumpy: 70%

I think I'll try making up a scale for this challenge. Like the low end could be "skid" and it would work up to "Audrey Hepburn incarnate". Right now I'm hovering around Ponyboy Curtis. I often identified easier with boys when I was younger so that is who popped into my mind when I was trying to figure out a visual to represent today on my new scale.


Pizza night at Casa Bump! Husband made his usual pepperoni with peppers and I made pesto with pine nuts and mozzeralla. I swear the pizza tastes way better when you rub the flatbread with olive oil and half a piece of garlic. We both ate half our pizza in one sitting (leftovers pictured above) and we are both feeling super sick-full.

In-laws have arrived for the weekend and Bumper is going to be spoiled freakin' rotten. I think I might get some precious downtime tomorrow and I can't even express how much I will enjoy that time. I just need some time to write and organize without little hands begging to be picked up. Because those little hands are attached to the cutest face that has the most wonderful eyes. And if those eyes told me to do something illegal, I'd do it in a heartbeat. So working with her around is darn.near.impossible.


I finally got my copy of No One Cares What You Had For Lunch by Margaret Mason in the mail and during naptime I had a chance to start reading a page or two (or fifty) so I expect to see a vast improvement in my posts. Or I will cry. Tonight doesn't count because I'm in a hurry (never good for writing) and I'm tired (I know, I know, cry me a river... whatever). Why start now what I can delay until tomorrow, right?


metro mama said...

Relish that down-time!

Ponyboy...haven't thought about him in years. Love that character.

penelopeto said...

your pizza sounds awesome (the pine nut one, not the pepperoni).

enjoy your downtime.

Lisa said...

you can make pesto?

Bri said...

we had pizza last night too. yours sounds delish though! Trackpants are still on here and the hair tied back in a ponytail wet is the new "in" look at my house.

Johnny was my fav character, I remember when he died I cried buckets!

something blue said...

Yummy pizza! I'm really interested in what that book has to offer. I'll slip you a fiver if you'd share a few secrets.

I need to FtF with some good old fashioned exercise. That always makes me feel better. Plus I get to wear sweats then without guilt.

Mitch McDad said...

Love the Pony-Boy reference!