Wednesday, November 1

Day one: I'd give my copy of The Reflex for a good topic

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It's my first NaBloPoMo post for November and for some strange reason I've decided to talk about a commercial I saw recently. Good golly. Who knows, maybe next I'll be talking about the weather. I'm in so much trouble - I'll never make it to the end of the month at this rate. My kid better do something freaky soon.

Do you hear that cats? You are officially earning your keep now - do something weird but not disgusting that I can blog about. Thank you.

On with the post.

I find product advertising (television, print, public venues and the like*) very interesting for a variety of reasons and I've been an admirer most of my life. I have very fond memories of TV ads for stuff like the Smash Up Derby and K-Tel albums and as a young girl I used to attend the showing of the Cannes Lions at the local rep theatre every year with my dad. Advertising seemed a lot less sophisticated in terms of subliminal back then** and everything was amazing through my yet to be cynical eyes.

I think if I had to analyze and explain why I like ads I'd have to admit I like trying to figure out why the creators used a certain approach, actor, colour or song. I guess that is where my psychology degree comes in handy. Anyways, I'm getting off topic here.

I saw an interesting television ad recently that made me stop in my tracks. Not from horror or disgust but because of age. I have to ask the advertising world, are actual retro commercials being put back in rotation?

Seriously, has anyone else seen these old ads running during prime time? During the hockey game the other night a really old ad for Raisin Bran ran and I swear on a stack of bibles that this is the same ad, with no updates (including the product packaging) and no leap into the future ending like I've seen before - it is the exact same ad campaign run in the 1980's. I'm sure you've seen it: "Sturdy Danny McGee was up his 59th tree... yadda, yadda, yadda... two scoops of raisin in a package of Kellogg’s Raisin Bran".

I actually thought I was having a flashback and found it weird and confusing: "Maybe I'm not a 30-something mom living in a big city but still a wee lass living in small city suburbia dreaming of Duran Duran concerts and BonneBell lipsmackers."

But after I heard the baby crying in the next room I realized that I'm still a mom. So I did what anyone else would do, I googled it. Apparently I'm not alone in this "did I just see that ad" confusion.

The psych student in me guesses that they are trying to appeal to my age group and evoke the feeling of being back in childhood all safe, snuggly and the like.

Or maybe I just stepped back through a wrinkle in time and for a brief 30 seconds I was 11 again.

If that is the case it's too bad I didn't get my flat abs back.

So if this post didn't bore you to tears come back for more tomorrow. Here's to successfully completing day one. Now where is that bottle of wine...

* exception: I don't find internet ads that fascinating, I actually find them annoying most of the time. But they are improving in entertainment value recently so who knows where the medium will go.

** I'm sure the subliminal ads were applied back then but to me it seemed less prevalent. That alone is worthy of research and another post.


Jezer said...

I just zipped an email to Fussy in hopes that I'm not too late to participate--NaBloPoMo is EXACTLY what I need to get my ass in gear!

Also? I am the same way about analyzing commercials. But I also do it to movies and television shows--I'm constantly trying to figure out why a certain prop or angle was used, or how a particular effect was achieved. It kind of ruins my viewing experience at times. But I just can't help it.

Haven't seen the Raisin Bran commercial yet, but now that I'm watching more TV (all praise to DVR), maybe I'll catch it on the fast-forward.

MrsFortune said...

I've yet to see this commercial, as well, but ... maybe they're thinking they can help you get the flat abs back? I mean, it is BRAN after all. :)

something blue said...

Some days I need to zoom back through a wrinkle in time and if a commercial can take me there, I'll buy two of whatever they are selling.

I have a silly tendency to get commercials stuck in my head. I've been singing "Good Morning, Good Morning. It's great to stay up late, Good Morning, Good Morning, To You!" for many months. Product: Viagra. I don't want to know WHAT this says about me!

Bri said...

We saw that commercial too, I think either they're running out of ideas or trying to appeal to us "older folk" now to go out and buy raisin bran cereal to get our systems working. Next thing they'll be playing the Life cereal commercial with "let's get Mikey" remember that one?

Lisa b said...

when did yoda become the mascot? did I miss that?
don't answer that.....
ok I thought I was losing it to, or maybe on some weird cable channel, but they are using the exact same commercials? its genius really. how cheap is that?
only 29 posts to go. you can do it!

Haley-O said...

LOVE old commercials. HATE new commercials. I just PVR everything or blog during commercials.

Good luck with the daily blogging!

kittenpie said...

Sigh. No flashbacks for me. Growing up TV-less will do that for you.

And I already have a copy (or two) of the Reflex... but what I really need is the video. Hellooooo, Simon!

Blue - I find myself singing that too - it's just too damn catchy.
But way better than the ones previously with "We are the champions." Feh.