Tuesday, February 15

Thank Heaven For Little Girls

Not a very original title but I stand by it. Mind you, I'm sure little boys hold their own lengthy list of reasons for gratitude but girls are what I know so please forgive my sexist slant.

One thing I miss and haven't done in a while is feted a baby across this tangled web. Baby showers make me smile. It's been too long since the my last shower attendance which isn't as unhygienic as it sounds. Babies are meant to be celebrated.

Parties need to be thrown for babies, babies like Mozzie, a little girl who's arrival this coming May has been greatly anticipated by this lovely lady. For the record, Casey has more patience I could ever muster in pregnancy. Anyway. Mozzie's particular party has been happening for a few weeks over at DesignHer Momma's and like any fun party, there are prizes to be won (no really, there are prizes: this time around is a Puj Tub).

Today Casey will be opening a small care package from me, something full of mostly Canadian magic, mostly for her with something special for Mozzi. I hope it makes her smile. And if you need to smile today (and who doesn't?) think about the magic babies bring (these pictures have made me smile for many days now).

Babies are meant to be celebrated.


moosh in indy. said...

Addie knew immediately that not only were those Kit Kats, they were "CANADIAN KIT KATS! THE PACKAGE IT IS SHINY!"

Thank you a hundred times over, our little moment outside the bar where the lady tried to convince me to drink red wine and then gave me tea instead will go down as one of my most special moments of Blissdom.

Adore you.

Saelen said...

I have two boys and a girl. My girl is the youngest, and all I can say is, "Thank God!"