Monday, February 14

Kids Renaissance: Week 6 -- 100 Days Of Attitude Edition

Today marks my 5yo's 100th day at school this year and I'm not sure what they do at your child's school but this is a main event at her alma mater.

Just like last year, we needed to create a project of any 100 things to represent the days attended thus far.

In JK, she chose to find 100 pictures of horses and glue into a workbook which sounded like a very cool idea when she came up with it. But I must clarify when I say that 'she chose to find 100 pictures of horses and glue them into a workbook' that really meant she declared herself the project manager overseeing her team [aka. me] who would create this hectare of horses.

This meant that at this time last year I spent an entire evening finding pictures of horses, then printing, cutting, and pasting said pictures of pestiferous ponies into a workbook that my daughter chose. I did that. Me. All alone. Because my child, my awesome and completely strong-willed little angel of anarchy? She had next to no interest in actually doing the project. Well nearly none. She told me where to glue stuff a couple of times.

Anyway. I remember thinking the entire time 'this had better not be an indication of my involvement in this child's future homework because hold the phone Pointdexter, I ain't going back to school again. It was traumatic enough the first time.' Mind you, it is tempting to see if I could do better with a second time around at school. Thoughts of me being like Drew Barrymore in that movie where she's a narc and gets a second chance at high school after being a complete dork the first time [too lazy to google] have crossed my mind but then you know, something shiny passes by and *poof* there goes that daydream. Plus I'm not sure there is much call for adult narcs at my daughter's elementary school. Or at least I hope there is not.

Bottom line my child needs to do her own homework. And this year she did. Sorta. Considering she has had only one assignment per year so far, she did do a whole lot more this time around. In fact she did most of it. She counted out all the coins, she picked the shape and the color scheme, I glued the outline and even though it's all blocked out here, she wrote out some details and signed her name.

Behold 100 days of school on St. Valentine's Day:

For the record: she stole the change from my change bowl. Need I say more?


Skwishee said...

"Never Been Kissed" - not a narc, but a reporter. close enough :) I never did the 100 days thing, did you? I think it's a new thing to sell stickers...

Angella said...

Nice work!

My dudes brought 100 Hershey's Kisses to school. :)