Sunday, February 20

25 Things Deemed Double Rainbow Worthy In 25 Minutes

  1. Listening to my husband read our 5yo the Harry Potter series. They are on the third book and she is completely fascinated. I worried she wouldn't be able to follow along but boy was I wrong.
  2. Seeing the lightbulb go off when helping someone understand techie/geeky things.
  3. Making new friends who just go *click*.
  4. Biting the top off of a Cadbury cream egg, removing the contents with my tongue, then devouring the shell without one sticky drop on my hand or chin. I has talents and I knows how to use thems.
  5. When my 5yo willingly shares a story about her day. Doesn't matter what it's about, it excites me that she wants to share it with me.
  6. Getting a full night's sleep. It's so rare that it must be celebrated in my books.
  7. Finding a comfortable seat on the subway or streetcar.
  8. Feeling organized.
  9. Private lists on Twitter because it allows me to organize my online life without needing to explain my madcap categories.
  10. Bookstores with comfy seats.
  11. Finding a table near an outlet at the coffee shop.
  12. Days with no screaming or tears.
  13. Office supplies.
  14. Squirrels!
  15. Watching great television (currently working my way through Mad Men and yes, I *heart* Don Draper)
  16. Movies, movies, movies. Nothing sounds better to me than sitting down and escaping into someone's vision of [insert topic here].
  17. Successful escapes.
  18. Finding a bra that fits. Then being able to afford multiples.
  19. Having a pedicure where no one utters a thing other than 'great colour choice'
  20. Massages.
  21. Making it to a yoga class.
  22. Finding jeans that fit and require no alterations or a bank loan.
  23. Watching the Westminister Kennel Club Dog Show.
  24. Making fresh pesto with toasted pine nuts over pasta.
  25. Traveling with someone who likes to go the local route over the tourist one. Unless the tourist route involves Sasquatch statues and the like because then I want to be with someone who also cannot resist the siren song of kitsch. Which for the record sounds like a Danzig / Don Ho mashup performed on the accordion.
Schmutzie started it, I'm doing it, are you in? 25 minutes, 25 things that make you feel all double rainbow. GO!


Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

I've been waiting and waiting to start reading Harry Potter to me son. He's four so probably still young, but the moment he turns five, I'm totally trying it out.

Mary said...

You're not the only one who heart Don Draper=) Love squirrels too.

Karen Sugarpants said...

I love your list. And YES to private Twitter lists. Keeps me sane too. Well, sane-ish. :)

Kyla said...

Great list!