Wednesday, February 2

Post Blissdom Let Down With A Liberal Sprinkling Of Sighs

*sigh* It's over. Blissdom is over and wishes that life had a rewind button have gone unfulfilled.

When I uploaded the photos off my camera post-Blissdom it took about 2.2 seconds. It seems there was only about a dozen photos on the card. While I'd love to blame the camera the real issue was with the photographer -- as in the photographer didn't take any photos. *sigh*

I mean, I did take some photos. Take for instance this disco ball. I took 40 pictures like this. This particular sparkly globe feted those who attended the grand parties thrown by the Blissdom ladies.

And that's about it for photos. Seriously, that's it.

Why does my camera always remain pretty much unused at conferences? Why do I always depend on others to take photos? Why don't I make the time to snap some memories? Most of my time was spent catching up with beautiful blogging friends (and making new ones) and during the rare moments when there was no one to catch up with or meet, minutes were killed hiding behind my Blackberry. It's always safe behind my Blackberry.

Mind you, a photo was snapped of one of my favorite friends, Amy Turn Sharp. She doesn't really have a mustache though if she did, I'm sure it would be made of solid gold. The only reason this photo even happened was the fact that she saw me sitting alone at a table with my camera, so being the beautiful persons she is, she grabbed the mustache and demanded I take a photo. I've never been so happy to oblige a snap. It only took me ten minutes because I couldn't figure out my camera [insert eye roll].

And somewhere else on someone's camera are photos that prove I had fun and friends while being all Blissdom-y.

Like when I molested my beloved Anissa and made a new beloved with Robin (she's luscious) plus forced myself on Cecily. Then there were my roomies and awesome lovelies Heather and Schmutzie. We stayed up every night until 2am plotting how we were going to use dead bodies as sleds (don't worry, it was our dead bodies that were going to be used.) (Not other people's dead bodies because that would be wrong and just plain weird.) (Actually that whole dead body thing sounds bad so forget I mentioned that dead bodies at all, k? Thanks.)

Not to mention I loved inappropriately touching and/or stalking Sassy Irish Lassie, Ann, Carmen, MomoFali, Amy Tucker, Aimee Greeblemonkey, Michelle, Rachel, Casey, and Heather to just name-drop a few wonderful people that were there and who I had the luck to speak with -- even if it was for just a few minutes. I know I've forgotten many others that should be on my victims list but I'm running out of time [stupid work and silly family demands *rolls eyes*].

So there you have it. The wisdom workshop I lead with Amy Tucker and Erica RAWKED! (if I say so myself and I do so there) and that Blissdom post I haven't written is still somewhere up in my head with nary a chance of making it to the screen for sharing. I guess all I can do is yell out: I went to Blissdom and all I came back with was some pretty awesome memories and friends.

Conferences rock.


Alli Worthington said...

I just love that you had such a blast!

I'll come to you next time so I can actually see you more than 2 seconds.

Love you!

Mr Lady said...

I realized a long time ago that I came home with so many pictures from places because it allowed me to separate from the event a little. I never had to be 100% immersed in anything because I was busy trying to capture it, you know?

And since I realized that, I've come home with, like, 20 pictures per trip - and a lot better memories.

Mishelle said...

I'm so glad I got to see you!


Amy @ Taste Like Crazy said...

How's the monkey doing up in Canada, eh?

And I'm glad you made yourself available for much hugging and other things. :)

See ya next year?

Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

So wishing I could have been there.

I agree with Mr. Lady. Sometimes I purposely put the camera away just so I can really be present for the moment.

karengreeners said...

How many ways can I say, WISH I WAS THERE? Not the least of which is because I would have loved to have seen your panel.

Kat said...

I will send you the picture of you and I. We did take one right?? I am sure I have seen it somewhere or another :)

Oh, and BTW, I thoroughly enjoyed being touched inappropriately.

moosh in indy. said...

I know I'm totally late on this, but I just love that the Canadians come to American conferences and are all squee-y and American while the Canadians in Canada? Are. so. serious.