Monday, February 7

Kids Renaissance: Week 5


That was not a word that filled me with dread before I became a parent to a girl but now that an impressionable feminine mystique has been put in my charge, I dread the topic of beauty. Maybe it would be the same if I was raising a boy but that I will never know and honestly, I doubt it.

Defining beauty for my child is one of the most difficult things I've had to do as a parent. One does not want to warp her ideas, one wants her to make the definition her own. If she finds beauty in what isn't the norm, will she have the confidence to keep it in the category of beauty when it comes under scrutiny by her peers or media? The last thing I want to do is pass on my own issues with the definition of beauty. How can I stop others from hammering into her head the false impression that skinny, tall, big tits, tiny waists are all you need to be a beauty? Confidence, that's all I can arm her with: confidence.

So that's what I do. For now true beauty is winning, I hope to keep it that way.

Beautiful Girl - Gigi Age 5, marker on paper
So have you created a virtual corner for your child's artwork on your blog before it's tossed filed away? If you have, please share a link with me in the comments below. I promise I will drop by and tell you that you are also raising a member of the future renaissance, because you probably are.


Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

Count me in as a fan of your daughter's artwork. It's crazy, wild, and bold. I seriously would frame some of this stuff.

I'm a little envious because my son isn't remotely interested in creating art of any type. All of my hopes are on my daughter.

As for the beauty thing. I dunno. Let's hope for a miracle that our kids will be strong enough to be confident in who they are and what they think.

early years resources sam said...

Lovely post and you said the right things.

All the best and will definitely visit your blog more often.