Monday, January 24

Kids Renaissance: Week 4

While I'm enthusiastic about my daughter's artwork sometimes her medium makes my head explode.

Last weekend I was at the library doing some research. When enough work had been accomplished to my satisfaction, I rewarded myself with a break to write in my journal. But upon cracking the journal open, the pages dropped to reveal a mural done by my 5yo.

Now while the mural she created was awesome, my head still exploded. It covered many pages and depicted a Captain Caveman type character who had many friends doing many things. Yet despite the awesome details: it was in the MIDDLE OF MY WONDER WOMAN WRITING JOURNAL. My Wonder Woman private thoughts journal had been violated. *sigh*

So it goes when becoming a parent.

*double sigh*

Anyway. That mural is not her renaissance contribution this week, her secret garden is -- or at least I think it's the entrance her secret garden. Like the Captain Caveman mural I mentioned above, it was found in a place that made my head explode: the walls of my 5yo's room.

Behind my daughter's bedroom door is a smaller door, done in Sharpie and highlighter (*double gulp* that door is permanent as permanent is) and where it leads? She won't tell me. I'm completely fascinated by this door and where she imagines it leads. She says I will never know because it's not a door for moms to use. *triple sigh*
Gigi - medium OUR WALLS and SHARPIE *faints*
I still love it even if I'm not allowed to use BUT my head still explodes at it's permanence and location. Plus I'm not sure our landlord will appreciate her artwork.

So have you created a virtual corner for your child's artwork on your blog before it's tossed filed away? If you have, please share a link with me in the comments below. I promise I will drop by and tell you that you are also raising a member of the future renaissance, because you probably are.


Colleen said...


Have you tried an mr clean magic eraser? It might take a tiny bit of paint with it... but the marker just might come off.

Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

I kind of love her imagination at drawing a tiny door. I'm also glad she drew it on your wall and not mine.

Mary G said...

Working on it. And the door is wonderful. Leave it. Let the landlord stew.

Mia said...

That is awesome! You can't get rid of it!

Heather said...

magic erasers work wonders. But I do love that little door.

mayberry said...

I just posted a Work of Art: Aspirations.

Lynn @ Walking With Scissors said...

The door is genius but I absolutely ADORE the teeth on the top picture. I love kids artwork.