Monday, January 10

Kids Renaissance: Week 2

The second installation of Kid's Renaissance, aka: my daughter's virtual fridge artwork showcase, is somewhat creepy and totally fascinating.

For the record I have no idea where she gets her artistic inspirations from but as I've said many times before on this blog, I'm sure it will all come out in future therapy sessions (denial of Oh Henry bars? Her mother's constant eye-rolls over all the freakin' princess/barbie-related paraphernalia? Not enough television? Who knows, all I know is that therapy is definitely in our future.)

Anyway, here I present Two Sad Unicorns, a mommy and daughter, facing unknown hardship that my daughter was unable to expand on: 'They are just sad mommy, SAD'.

Behold the Two Sad Unicorns.

Two Sad Unicorns. Artist: Gigi, age 5 Medium: markers on newsprint
If do the same at your blog -- and I really do encourage you to create a virtual corner for your child's artwork before it's tossed filed away -- please share a link with me in the comments below. I promise I will drop by and tell you that you are also raising a member of the future renaissance, because you probably are.


Skwishee said...

Before you said unicorns, I thought she'd watched Avatar. Unicorns makes more sense. I remember I used to draw cheery little pictures of rainbows and smiling suns and people falling in pits of acid with spikes at the bottom when I was their age.

Kyla said...

Poor sad unicorns!