Sunday, January 9

Never Gonna Happen

Conversation on the walk to our friend's birthday party today:

5yo: I want a poodle...

and a ... a... a... poma... pomara... a fluffy dog with a bow.

Me: I want an Australian cattle dog just like Mad Max had in the movies.

Him: I want a car just like Mad Max.

Odds are none of us will get what we want. Oh well, we all know groceries and a car seat would never fit inside the back of that thing and none of us would want to stoop to scoop poop in the city so yeah, it's never gonna happen.

Motherbumper: crushing dreams since 2005.


Skwishee said...

I think if G wants a dog that needs to have it's anal glands expressed, she ought to wait 'til she's got her own place. *shudder* Poodles.

Angella said...

Your final line made me laugh. You funny, lady. :)