Monday, January 17

Kids Renaissance: Week 3

The following piece from my daughter's collection was a proud acquisition from back in November of 2010. I had just returned to work full-time outside the home and my 5yo was pretty much not speaking to me.

She didn't want to hear about my work. No way. Nuh-un. Not a word about it. Mommy's work was a non-starter.

So I didn't press it. If she wanted to know where I was all day then I'd just have to wait for her to come around to asking.

It was about two weeks into my job when she finally asked what I did during her weekdays. So I explained and she listened, then she was quiet. She then asked if my coworkers had kids (they do) and if they come to work (they don't). I let that sit for a while and it seemed like the conversation was over.

Then I remembered that most of my coworkers with kids had their children's artwork displayed somewhere on their desk -- or at least I hope it's their children's art work because if it isn't... well good for them for trying to draw their family. Anyway. I told G that most of them had pictures on their desk done by their kids. She nodded and that was what I thought was the end of the conversation.

The next morning I was presented with the following ink on paper drawing. She told me it was us on the day she sprouted her first tooth and it was for my desk at work.

First Tooth (medium: pen and paper)
I placed it with pride on my desk and it really does make me smile every day. Plus my Donny Osmond pearls make beam with pride.

So have you created a virtual corner for your child's artwork on your blog before it's tossed filed away? If you have, please share a link with me in the comments below. I promise I will drop by and tell you that you are also raising a member of the future renaissance, because you probably are.


Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...


I have taken to scanning my kids' artwork, too - if not just for the magical space-saving qualities.

Also, my kids LOVE that same notebook from Sears and KMart. Too funny!

Skwishee said...

I'd never noticed that your teeth were quite so prominent, but other than that, it's a striking resemblance. It's nice when you get some hard evidence that your kids are actually lovely little people, isn't it?

Mary G said...

Working on it. It's actually a family description and chronicle for my granddaughter. Not on line, except for what was good enough to go up on the blog.
Great idea. And I love your kid's skill. You're actually both in proportion. Not bad!