Monday, October 4

Vacation Is All I Ever Wanted... And Apparently I'm Alone In Planning It.

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'If we could go anywhere as a family for vacation, where would you want to go?' I asked my husband while we both sat in front of our computers.


'Seriously? You'd want to go 30 minutes up the highway to Canada's Wonderland?'

He shrugged.

Have I ever mentioned that my other half would rather 'staycation' than go on vacation? I know, I know, how can someone who loves to travel as much as me be married to a home body but yet it happened and we are happy. And it's not like he isn't traveled, dudes done the tropical route and Euro dealios, he just doesn't crave it like me.

So I moved on to my usual travel-partner in crime, my 4 year old daughter. 'If we could go anywhere as a family for vacation, where would you want to go?'


Now that's more like it, I thought. 'Why Paris?' I asked.

'So we could visit Barbie's fashion house.'

Did I mention my daughter's favorite DVD right now is Barbie's A Fashion Fairytale which takes place in Paris and features in the soundtrack the beyond annoying ear-worm of 'Who Let The Dogs Out?' The back cover promises that you will 'discover your inner sparkle' and if that's what my inner sparkle is all about then let me be dull forever.

Anyway. I'll take Paris under advisement. Obviously it's going to be up to me to plan a fantasy family vacation which is something we have never actually done because trust me, visiting our childhood homes still inhabited by our parents does not count.

So where would we go if we could go anywhere in the whole wide world? I'd like to pick a place my husband and I have never visited before and some place exotic. But not so exotic that snake bites and bugs the size of dinner plates are the norm. Actually let's scratch that 'exotic' component because exotic usually equals shots and there is no way I can hold down my daughter for more needles this year.

Wow. I never thought this would be a difficult task. Shouldn't picking a vacation be relaxing?

What did we used to do for vacation as a couple before we became a textbook family? Oh right, camping. How about the ultimate family camping vacation? YES! Except less camp, more comfort because I've had it with roughing it.

So here it goes:

The three of us would take go to Jasper Park, Alberta and make our way to Banff while taking in the Canadian Rockies. I vote that we stay at Jasper Lake Lodge and Banff Springs (*cough* SPAS *cough*). We can hit the trails, the ice fields, and there is no way I'm missing a hot tub visit. Hey, don't harsh my mellow: it's our ultimate family vacation and I want to be in the lap of luxury thank you very much. Sure, we can camp one or two nights but why rough it all the time? Camping is fun but spa visits are funner.

Husband, this is what you get for leaving the planning up to me.

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Eileen @ Bringing Up Bronwyn said...

trust me, visiting our childhood homes still inhabited by our parents does not count.

This was why I didn't pick South Africa.

I yes, I too will be alone in planning our vacation.

Eileen @ Bringing Up Bronwyn said...

Wow I meant to say Yes, I too, not I yes.

*Needs more coffee*

Carmen said...

Ack, it's not THAT much fun to camp in Jasper anyway -- the campsites are ~700 sites (or more) and so it feels just...crowded. I'd rather be at JPL or Banff Springs.

If I left vacation planning up to my husband (as I did this summer), then I'd end up hiking hundreds of kilometres with a 40 pound backpack, while trying to herd two small children along the trail. I think I'd rather plan the vacation, thanks!

Too bad we Canadians can't enter this contest.