Tuesday, September 21

Falling Into Place

Dear god, why is she still awake?

She started daycare yesterday and when I woke her up at 6:15 to get ready she berated me for waking her up during sleep time. Figuring that she had a point, assumptions were made that she'd crash early that evening after a full day of daycare and senior kindergarten plus a couple of hours at the playground. But no, she was wide awake until almost 10pm last night.

Today she woke up a bit later but was still at the daycare by 7:30 and again she had a full day that ended with us dragging her kicking and screaming from the playground at 6pm. Now here it is, almost 10pm and she is still wide wake.

Why does my child defy sleep physics? This makes no sense.

This is our first foray with daycare and so far, so good *knocks on wood for good measure* -- save for my suspicions that maybe my child might be dabbling in caffeine. Anyway. When I got the call for a full-time daycare spot at the most perfect daycare in our neighborhood after being on the wait list for three years AND it coincided with my decision to return to that other kind of work, I figured it was a sign of some kind that this spot was meant for her and maybe things will fall into place.

Here's hoping they do.


Angella said...

My kids ALWAYS go to bed when they wake up earlier. They also don't sleep in if we keep them up later.

Unless! It happens for a number of days on end.

She's just adjusting to the new routine. Hang in there, you.

(Also? Other kind of work? I think you need to fill your Blissdom roommate in. ;) )

Skwishee said...

Kids are contrary little beasts, that's why :)

She'll get used to it once it's a routine; hopefully a routine that includes going to bed at a sane hour.

How's she liking daycare?

Heather said...

Here's hoping she adjusts soon.

Also, glad to hear her surgery went well. I totally missed it and I am sorry.

Also word verification is waksan...which is how I imagine you would spell it phonetically if you were basing it off what Mr. Miyagi says.

mayberry said...

Good luck! My son is one of those sleep-defiers too. But I'm hoping (wishing, dreaming) it will sort itself out eventually. Right?