Wednesday, August 12

whine, cheese, and home reno

SB and I revisited the great "should we keep the digital box?" debate since as a family, we watch sooooo little tv and yet we pay all those heaps of important monies to maintain -- monies we actually rarely see and only appear as numbers on a screen somewhere.

Hey - do you ever think about your money and how it doesn't really exist and then you get scared because OMG what if the computers take over and cancel all your money because you just know they will hate the humans that built them. And then you freak because there is no more physical money save for the forty-eight cents at the bottom of your purse and then -- JUST IN CASE -- you might run over to the local ATM and withdraw as much as you can and stuff it under your mattress just because, you know, WHAT IF THAT REALLY HAPPENS? No? It's just me then?

Okay - back to business as "normal"

ANYHOW - we aren't really watching enough tv to justify the price. But the shows we actually DO watch we want to hump and make babies with.

So pretty much each time I get my moneyknickers in a knot, out comes the great finger to punch the buttons on the phone to cancel the damn digital box.

Then I instantly get the cold feet.

Arctic dogs and my finger goes limp.

So I do the only thing I can do. I take those sniffling pups over to the couch to watch HGTV and exercise my digits on the remote control magic wand.

Seriously folks, I know I can live on just the internet, I know I can. I don't need no stinkin' cable box to satisfy my need for A&E, HGTV, and *drool* FoodNetwork.

I think I can do it.


Or maybe not.

Hi, my name is katie and I'm a home reno/design/real estate junkie and this is something like my sixth billionth self-inflicted blog style intervention on my inability to give up the friggin' digital box and omg, I want to punch myself in the face because this is the stupiest thing to get hung up on.

But on a lighter note: my daughter obviously has my home decoration addiction. Isn't that so cute -- in a co-dependence and potential strange mother-daughter issues kinda way?

Anyhow, Gigi, at the sage age of three, decided that we should swap the kitchen with her bedroom and she actually pitched the entire idea to me on the way home from the grocery store.

Then she proceeded to start the reno as soon as she got home.

Acting as foreman by doing nothing but barking orders from the sidelines I koboshed the whole "moving the stuff out of the kitchen" thing. That actually saved her a lot of time on the project plan so she moved to phase two: moving the bedroom into the kitch..

BEHOLD! The great kitchen / bedroom swap:

What's that? The fact that I drew an arrow towards the sink full of dirty dishes made you notice those dirty dishes? I'm new to this real estate business so forgive me. So let's move on.

Believe it or not, this used to be an apartment size galley kitchen.

I KNOW - it's hard to believe.

Notice the Italian gate-style door detail. These are made from recycled dining room chairs and lovingly fashioned into the perfect entrance to a dream bedroom.

Let's go in.

This room has everything you could dream up on your wish list --  from a bag of fruit to ... well what more do you need than a bag of fruit? Let's hear it for vitamins! No scurvy sleeping here. Fruit flies maybe but definitely no scurvy.

The room remained this way until dinner time when I discovered the gas hook-up she advertised in the bedroom-flip-kitchen unit was made of playdoh and lego blocks.

I filed my grievances at the local court house this afternoon.

He expects to hear our case sometime in November 2011.

Seriously, I have no idea when the cat went to law school.


Heather said...

Love this!!

I don't watch much tv myself, but I do DVR things that I want to see. I have thought of going tv free, but that thought sends my gamer hubby into convolsions. So for now, we keep the package, altho I am saving $20 a month by lowering our package. We really weren't watching all those stations and don't miss them at all.

Mayberry said...

I would like to know what children find so appealing about sleeping on the floor. Dude, civilization has really advanced. Try a bed. Very comfy.

Heather said...

If I had cable, I'd watch HGTV constantly. In fact, when I was in the hospital the TV was on that channel all the time when it was on.

for a different kind of girl said...

I'd be happy if my cable company just allowed me access to Food Network and HBO on Sundays so I can watch True Blood, but someone in this house of mine thinks he has to watch every lame ass science fiction show ever produced. That person tells me that I could actually go in the kitchen and cook and then TADA! It would be just like having the Food Network, but we'd also end up with supper in the end. Interestingly, I'm not yet able to get that person up in space when I tell him that if he loves space ships and weird aliens so much, maybe he should just go to a galaxy far, far away...and give me the dang remote already. Ace of Cakes is on, yo.

Anissa Mayhew said...

I could never give up the crazy joy I get knowing that i'm bypassing commercials with my dvr. So what if the show is actual crap. I'm defying the marketing gods!!!! BWAAAHAHAHA

BTW? Can I have G? I have a P she needs to play with. I think they would REALLY dig each other. as my kid recently moved into the bathtub.

Tanis said...

How sad is it that this is the closest I'm gonna get to your house anytime soon?


Assertagirl said...

You know, I can remember the excitement of sleeping in another part of the house as a kid. Maybe Gigi will be one of those people who constantly moves furniture from room to room? Lord help her future spouse...

petite gourmand said...

Love this makeover!
We could have featured it on "The Style Department." last season.
you won't mind if I forward this to the editor at House & Home for a potential makeover story would you? ;
That Gigi sure has talent I tell you...

Stimey said...

You crack me up.

Also, I wasn't worried about the computers and the money. Until now. Dammit.

I have to go to the ATM.

Mimi said...

My sister and I used to like to sleep in the 'attic', which was actually a crawlspace along a gabled roofline on the second floor of the house. But you did access it by crawling through a hatch in THE LINEN CLOSET, which is unbearably cool, when you think about it.


On the TV front, Pynchon watches UFC on Spike, and I am addicted to HGTV. If we could just pay, like, 5 bucks a month and just get those two channels, we would be golden. But alas, we have a cable bill that could feed a family of four for two weeks. Every month. Gross.

No Mother Earth said...

You don't want to see me if they've taken away my cable. DON'T TAKE AWAY MY CABLE!


I'm okay now.

mamatulip said...

I totally love your kid.

And leave your television alone.