Monday, August 10

It's Monday and I'm Bejeweled

This is where a post would appear if I had actually sat down and written one last night instead of becoming hopelessly addicted to Bejeweled on the iTouch and losing all track of time. I actually fell asleep while clutching the game between my little paws and SB woke me up by laughing at my latest addiction. I certainly hope you are pleased with yourself MamaTulip -- I squarely place the blame on your shoulders for telling me about this game.

So pretend there is a post here right now and maybe it was funny, m'kay? Thanks.

[insert funny post here]

Anyone have any iTouch/iPhone games they are addicted to and care to share? Because I'm sure this will wear thin in a couple of weeks and momma needs a new form of escape.

Also, I've got a follow-up review on my night out with the Estée Lauder team in Chicago. At least I got that done (obviously done before I started matching jewels on an alien landscape). Photo shamelessly stolen from IzzyMom's twitpic account. She got to stand next to me while I gotz prettified.


kgirl said...

Look how pretty!

Ali said...

I will not play Bejeweled.
I will not play Bejeweled.
I will not play Bejeweled.
I will not play Bejeweled.

shit. I'm off to play now...

Kay said...

No iPhone, thank God - really hoping it's NOT available for download on the eternity. I'm not going to check...

Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

I've been sucked into the Bejeweled world, and now, it's on to Peggle.

Oh, Peggle, how you tempt me, you whore.

Rachel said...

refusing to download any and all iphone games that aren't free.

look at the purty katie ;-)

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Aw, so purdy.

And that's what you get for introducing me to that damn game.

No Mother Earth said...

Is that the same game as on Facebook? Or is that "Bedazzled"? "Bejeweled Blitz"??

Walk away. WALK. AWAY. Don't make me come over there and take away your technology. We need your wit here in Bloggyland...wait, is that something shiny..?

Gotta go.

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Bejeweled is the DEVIL.

But I am addicted to it. The shiny jewels. The unattainable goal to beat my "friends" (which are actually distant cousins on my facebook account that I never see anymore). The booming, sexually charged man's voice that applauds my every move, "Gooood. Exxxxxxcellent..."


mamatulip said...


Guess who was up until almost midnight playing Bejewled on her iTouch last night?


Magpie said...


Word Warp or Moxie.

Sol Free.

NotSoSage said...

All I can say is, this post makes me glad I don't have an iPhone. As if blogging doesn't take enough of my free time. ;)

Ha! "Bating" is my word verification.

Allison said...

I don't have an iPhone and there is good reason why. I'd be addicted to every game and application. I could barely put my blackberry down on my honeymoon and it was almost thrown into the Hudson River by my new husband.

Stimey said...

I play a lot of solitaire and the app I have gives you stats one how many games you've played, won, lost, and so on. But the really devastating stat is when they tell you how many HOURS you've spent playing. I could've written a book instead.