Thursday, January 8

fluffy minutiae in thirds

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that I'm a wee bit scared to go over to Cynical Dad's today to see what Tanis had to say about her roast (part one here, part two here, and my contribution part three right here).  Tanis is responding today and I think she might rip a few of us a new one.

Can someone go over and tell me how bad it is?

I'm hosting my first giveaway over at Toronto Savvy Source.  It's for another cool Nintendo DS game, this one for the wannabee chef of the household - check out the Personal Trainer: Cooking details over at my post and enter to win a copy. It's like a robot cookbook that doesn't scream DANGER DANGER WILL ROBINSON at you when you decide to get creative with the recipes.  In fact, it's more like that Rosie robot from the Jetsons.  Except the game doesn't clean up after you or engage you in witty reporte or speak condesendingly to your spouse so you don't have to.

BUT despite these flaws, it's a really cool prize and I've made the giveaway ridiciously easy to enter: all you need to do is leave a comment with your email address and then I will randomly draw a name.  See, easy-peasy so what's your excuse not to enter - srsly, it would be a crime not to.  Unless you hate food, then I understand and all is forgiven.

EDIT TO ADD: Scribbit maintains a handy-dandy super cool easy to use message board for contests, giveaways and the like over at her forum.  If you are running a contest or giveaway at your site, this is a great place to spread the word. How cool is that?  Nice and central for lazy folk, like me.

AND HOLY CROW - I'm so glad I'm not alone on this mommy blogger moniker business.   Seriously, thank you for all the amazing comments from all sides of the debate - it seems to mostly be "meh, don't care" and "meh, don't like it".  Every single comment helped clarify my feelings towards the label.  Except for Whit's - his was just gratuitous use of the word motherf**ker and that didn't help at all, it just made me laugh.

I think fidget first said it with the "mommy is so.damn.whiny." but then I was totally distracted by her refrencing Tijuana donkey shows in the same comment.  Then I was sucked into the dark side of YouTube and was scarred with my finding.  Thanks fidget.  THANKS A LOT.

Then my longtime bloggy friends Jana and Chag brought up the good point that even the word blog is not particularly attractive.  And I bet they both don't like getting called bloggy friends - but in all seriousness, they are two of the original blogs I started following way back in the early days.  Blogs come and go but these two are always on my must read list.  Though Jana's blog is no longer the original incarnation, I love the new one just as much.

Fairly Odd Mother, Michelle, and Kyla brought up the condescending tone of mommy and coupled with fidget's whiny, I realized that's exactly it:  mommy only sounds pure in intention when it comes from a child.  Seriously.  And TwoBusy nailed it with calling the term specious.  Mmmm - I love words like that.

Then Laura challenged me to a virtual fight behind the virtual school after the virtual bell because she feels that she is the Queen of Unstable Bloggers and while she has a great arguement, she will scream uncle after she gets one of my virtual wedgies.  Of course Mrs. Chicky made the term "Bat shit Crazy Blogger" seem very attractive and I might have to challenge her to a duel for that one.  Have you checked out her new blog?  Operation Get Happy is something I can get behind (heh).

So there you have it, not really minutiae but stand alone, none of the items on this list made a post.  But together, they make a motherbumper PSA or motherbumper brain dump - take your pick.  I'll come up with some substance later, right now I'm all about fluff.  Mmmmm fluff.


Anonymous said...

It is good to know I'm not alone on the mommy blogger term.

Maybe we could come up with a better one.

Kyla said...

Brain dumps are good for the soul. And I totally agree on the mommy blogger wrap up. If I'm not your mommy, please don't call me that.

Assertagirl said...

OMG Strawberry Marshmallow in a jar!? I learn a lot from your site, Katie.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Wait, there's Strawberry Fluff? How did I not know about this?

I'm waiting for blog promotion sites to make a new category for Bat Shit Crazy Blogger. I'll be first one to sign up and I'll save you a spot. ;)

TwoBusy said...

About two weeks ago, I was talking to someone about fluffernutters when I got pissed off and suddenly found myself saying "fuckernutter" instead. And now I can't think of it any other way.

I'm sorry... what were we talking about?

Jana said...

You can call me your "bloggy" friend anytime. *You* can call me anything you want, yo.

Do you know that I don't think I've ever tasted fluff? I'm not sure we have it down here--maybe I've just never looked in the right place at the store? I'm putting it on my list right now, because I think it's something that I must experience soon.

Michelle said...

Some of my favourite posts are random thoughts. That game sounds really cool, do you know if they make it for the Wii?

fidget said...

I think I had something thoughtful to say but all I can think about now is eating cocoa crispy treats at a Tijuana donkey show

Whit said...

Strawberry fluff? I knew I missed stuff while in that coma.

Chag said...

Can we just be friends? And leave off that god-awful adjective?

Heather said...

You know, I don't find Mommy whiney at all. I actually really love it when my kids call me Mommy. Perhaps I am crazy?

motherbumper said...

Heather - I meant mommy as in the term "mommy blogger" - but mommy from your child is one of the most beautiful words to hear. So you are not crazy*.

* at least not about this ;)

Domestic Extraordinaire said...

I am not sure how I feel about the whole Mommy Blogger label. When I think of a Mommy Blogger I think of someone who has kids much younger than mine (14 and nearly 11) But I guess I do my fair share of "Mommy Blogging"

I would like to think that I would like to be a "Documenter of our life thru my blog" But that is too long to type out all the time.

Just hand me the fluff (original please) and I will stuff my mouth and shut up now.

April said...

you make me smile :-)

No Mother Earth said...

I have an EXCELLENT recipe that used Fluff.

I'm just sayin'.

Haley-O said...

Mmmmmm Mmmmarshmallow...... I better shut this down before MONKEY sees Marshmallow fluffy goodness....

I'd totally enter your contest but don't have Nintendo...!