Thursday, January 29

come on everybody...

Risky Business was on last night.  I have never seen this movie, nor did I watch it when I had this chance.  This never-seen factoid surprised my other half, he couldn't believe that I hadn't seen such an iconic movie.

For the record (and I know I've talked about this before but bear with me), I also haven't seen The Karate Kid, Dirty Dancing, or Ernest Goes to Camp.

Friends took me to the re-release of Grease back in the nineties and I once sat down and watched Xanadu at the world's most boring party when all I could find on the shelf was a copy of that movie.  I closed to the door to someone's room, sat down among the pile of discarded party-goer coats, popped the movie in and watched it beginning to end with my mickey and mix at my side.  Gawd I hate boring parties but at least I got something accomplished.  If you can call watching Xanadu an accomplishment.

I do remember at one point during the movie - during some muse dance number built around the magic of the Electric Light Orchestra- that a couple from the party came into the same room where I was enjoying my little bit of Kubla Kahn, to swap spit.  I thought this make-out session was horrifically inconsiderate but I just pumped up the volume, did a three-finger pour, and I was able to block out their incessant groping and tongue-wrestling.  Also that heap of coats on the bed provided a good visual block because by the sounds of their undoubtedly one-hit-wonder lovings, I didn't want to watch.  Even I have standards.

BUT LORDY, as usual I did not come here to talk Xanadu or Xenu.  It's just, I even find it strange that a movie lover like me hasn't seen some of the post popular movies out there.  Though for the record, I did see Ernest Goes to Jail.  In the theatre. Sober. Sad but true.

Anyhow, let's all pretend it's this past Monday m'kay?  Because I meant to post but life got in the way.  I know you know what I mean and to those of you that still managed to post despite the roadblocks life handed you - hats off to you and I really mean that.  I marvel at how people do it all.

But I'm getting off track again.... so... yes... IF this was actually last Monday, I would be jumping on the beautiful Schmutzie bandwagon - a bandwagon which I see in my mind's eye as looking something like the bus from the Partridge Family -  and after jumping on this bus, I looked for grace in small things.  Grace in small things "is a daily reminder to take notice of the positive things we tend to overlook."

I will try to do this every Monday Thursday so often because life needs more of this over that.  And I won't go into what "that" is because all I need to say is that in this case, "that" is the opposite of this.
  1. The barrista who referred to me as "miss" three times during our exchange of precious moneys for equally precious coffees. It took all of my strong marriage to not ram my tongue down that young man's throat in precious thanks.  Thirty-nine does that to you.
  2. The endless possibilities presented upon opening a brand new, virgin notebook.
  3. Large print books. I now buy them and I'm not too proud to say so.  They help me concentrate on the story and not the sea of tiny letters that swim before me.  First to rib me about the association of ageing and large print gets a virtual wedgie.
  4. New playdoh and crayons.
  5. Recipes that are fast, fool-proof, and taste great.  Salsa chicken anyone?
And on that note, check out the photo I found while looking for the Partridge bus:

Damn. I miss the seventies some days.


Michelle said...

I haven't yet invested in the large print, but the day I have to (and it will probably come soon, what with all the staring at the computer screen) I will cry big crocodile tears. And then I will obsess over trying to replace all my favourite books...
Funny, I could care less about my grey hairs, but take away my ability to read my precious books and I crumble.

Mamalooper said...

My dear you brought a smile to my face with the Partridge Family logo. Ahhhh...David Cassidy, my second crush. The first was that guy from Here Come the Brides. Having an older sister introduced me to the seventies early....

TwoBusy said...

David Cassidy was the white D'Angelo of his day.

for a different kind of girl said...

I've recently started digging my reading glasses out more and more. Somewhere, I imagine David Cassidy is wearing some, too. I also imagined he'd get me closer to Shawn, who was my true love.

Domestic Extraordinaire said...

I love me some large print books, but then again I have some of the world's worst eyes that have been in strong bifocals since 25-next up....trifocals!

I also love when someone refers to me as miss, but get annoyed when they want to card me.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Dude, way too much to comment on. Pretty sure my brain just exploded.

But I will say this, I always hated the photographer/editor of that magazine cover because I wanted to know just how happy Keith's partridge was.

Heather said... we are here in Xanadu. Xanadu your neon light will shine for you Xanadu.

Wow, even the song is Effed up.

Mom101 said...

I was about to rib you for never having seen Dirty Dancing...

and then I realize I've never seen Xanadu.

And God did I love that David Cassidy.

Anonymous said...

So I've never seen Xanadu, but I've seen the others.

Dirty Dancing is worth the two hours...I love that movie and Patrick is just plain hot. I love a young, dancing worth it.

mamatulip said...

Never seen Xanadu.

And, if we're going to be perfectly honest here, I didn't realize until I read this that it was a MOVIE.

I thought it was a Rush song.

Mac and Cheese said...

You got any more 5 minute recipes? I'm all ears.

I've never seen Risky Business either.

I could use a little grace in small things. I may join you in that endeavor.

Ali said...

but, but, but
you must see The Karate Kid, Daniel-sahn.

Caffeinatrix said...

What were yu saying? Shirtless David Cassidy caught me off guard. Damn, he was fine!

Chibi said...

1. I somehow ended up with a brand new (unwrapped) copy of Dirty Dancing: say the word, and it's yours.
2. I <3 new notebooks so hard. Back to school in retail was a bitch on my pay cheque.
3. And yes, I do still have a box of 96 Crayolas. ;)
4. Thanks for the chicken recipe!


Sarcastica said...

High school parties were wicked fun like that! Haha!

1. I like being called Miss in public, cause it makes me feel all rich and what not, hehe ;)

2. I TOTALLY KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN! I want a new notebook SO bad just for that feeling of endless possibilities! And because I ripped out like all my current notebooks pages :(

3. I HATE small print books, because you can never read for long periods of time because it gives you an instant headache.

4. Playdoh is awesome. I wish I had some, I would make a castle for my crayons to live in ;)

5. Er, I ruin all recipes - no matter how fast and fool-proof.

Maggie May said...

i love risky business. and that photo!

Kyla said...

I love new notebooks, and all new office supplies actually. Makes me feel organized and industrious as I return to my strict routine of procrastination.

Loralee Choate said...

I'm totally pissed that David Cassidy has a smaller waist than I ever have.

So much for gettin' happy.


April said...

Mmmmmm. nice cover :-)

the mama bird diaries said...

I remember being stunned that one of my friends has never seen, "When Harry Met Sally" and I had seen it like 27 times.

metalia said...

And now the Xanadu song is lodged in my head. So, thanks for that. ;)

Kat said...

I watched the Partridge Family All. The. Time!! In fact - I am now humming that damn song. Thanks for the hum job brat!