Tuesday, February 3

place holder with wrist support

Well at least I'm landing closer to Monday this time.  I don't know what's up lately, it's just been really hard to put things down on paper screen keyboard COMMUNICATION DEVICE.  The posts are up in the noggin' but I'm too much in crazy meth-head hummingbird mode to concentrate long enough to hammer one out.

Also my wrist hurts.

I think that I did something funny to it last week when pulling that freakin' sled for the millionth time to school.

So basically, not only is my husband out of luck but typing is causing me some pain.

And I'm really paranoid about wrist pain.  I worked for years in a rehab and most of the time carpal tunnel syndrome was the least of a client's issues because severed spine trumps nagging wrist pain every single time.  Funny how life works like that.  Yet, the pain it would cause when clients would complain, made me hyper paranoid about wrist things.

Anyhow every so often there would be an out-patient sent in for workplace ergonomics assessment because their back or wrists were getting injured at the cube farm.  Basically the office furniture didn't give them any respect and therapists would show them how to take charge of their tiny six foot by six foot corner of the workplace world.  Theoretically.  Because you know, on a cube farm - well is anyone really in charge that sits in a cube?  I thought not, all and any power is an illusion.  Cube farms are the veal industry of humanity.

But enough about my wrist and my opinions on cube farms.  I'm looking for grace in small things:
  1. my iTouch
  2. tissue with moisturiser built-in
  3. the letter X
  4. smiling cashiers at the grocery store
  5. Cadbury cream eggs
and with that, I rest my wrist.


Super Careo said...

Oh Cadbury cream eggs ... that is truly something to be thankful for. If only they were sold year round.

Oh, and also, sorry about your wrist.

for a different kind of girl said...

I'm such a wuss, and my knee hurts so freakin' bad, that I'm saving my wrists (which really aren't involved) and today, rather than walk my kid down to the corner for the bus, I drove him so we could sit in the van - which was just as cold as standing outside.

I'm not sure this comment has anything to do with your post. Hmmm. OK, let me say this - I've never had a Cadbury Egg. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to ever be able to, really.

Mayberry said...

Aww, I used to take my kid to school by sled. Because no one ever shoveled their damn sidewalks. This is why I'm going to Miami in 3 days.

No Mother Earth said...

Thanks be to God for Cadbury Easter Creme Eggs. I don't know what I'd do without them.

Anonymous said...

I love Cadbury mini eggs.

They are my personal crack. I can't wait to buy them this year.

Meli said...

Cadbury creme eggs and POPPING Cadbury mini eggs are the greatest things ever invented. The popping mini eggs are two kinds of candy in one. Who ever invented them is a genius and deserves their weight in cookies.

daysgoby said...

I think I love the commercials more than I love the actual eggs. Although really, how is that possible?

K, I posted the crouton recipe.

Aren't veal raised in cubes? Same concept.

Whit said...

I have to be careful w/my wrists, they are the tools of my professional and love lives, respectively.

Ali said...

oh, i know all about the cube farm and the wrist issues and the tendonitis. just ask my husband how happy he is about that. hahah ;)

petite gourmand said...

I know-damn sleds.
I pulled something in my back last week and was popping Motrin like smarties.
After some acupuncture, a sports massage, and a bit of physiotherapy I'm back to normal. Finally.

This getting older thing really sucks huh?

Hope your wrist gets better soon.
You'll need it to peel back all the foil from this Cadbury easter cream eggs. Mmmm.

Haley-O said...

I had the WORST carpal tunnel syndrome in my second pregnancy. Before that, I was like "whatever" about carpal. But, mine was so bad, i had to walk around wearing ugly braces on my arms all the time. Everyone used to laugh at me. I blogged right through it (because blogging keeps me sane, apparently), but it was so hard to type.... Thankfully, they totally healed after I gave birth.

I hope your wrist gets better soon!!!

Yes, smiling cashiers at the grocer.... So important. :) Good one!

momranoutscreaming said...

A smiling cashier is really all one needs some days and a smiling customer is all the cashier needs sometimes. I try to make a point of this and was rewarded two Christmas' ago with a thankyou. He said that having me and one other lady in his line were the only things that got him through that day.

mamatulip said...

Oh, you HAD TO GO AND TALK ABOUT THE CREME EGGS. Next week when I've gained forty pounds and am crying because the only pants that fit have elastic waistbands, I'm blaming YOU, sista.

Chibi said...

"not only is my husband out of luck"

How have I never thought to fake it with my wrist brace(s)?!? DUR! Yes, braces: I've suffered tendonitis on and off in both wrists since I was 16.

What's up with the letter X?

Jana said...

Oh, man...I hope the wrist feels better soon.

I, too, love the letter X--my love for it helped me to decide on my son's name.

And smiling cashiers (and, as someone pointed out, smiling customers) are far too few these days.

The Cadbury eggs, though? You can have all of mine. I don't know why, but I've never taken a shinin' to them.

Stimey said...

I found your place holder very amusing.

I'm partial to the letter Q.

the mama bird diaries said...

omg - i love easter candy.

hope your wrist feels better.