Wednesday, November 12

route 66

Kyla said "tag, you're it" so I'm running with it.  Here's the deal:
  • Go to your Sixth Picture Folder then pick your Sixth Picture.
  • Pray that you remember the details.
  • Tag 5 others.
Now my photos are set up not so much as in folders, as they are in something fun I like to call chaos. So instead, I selected the sixth event in my iPhoto collection that is in a woeful mess.  Same same but different, ya here?

When I found photos six of event six it turns out this photo is part of a sequence taken maybe five years ago - the dates are screwed up in the early events on my laptop which drives me bonkers.

Anyhow, I do believe my then boyfriend, now husband captured this particular moment in order to use as proof of my insanity in a court of law.  Not that I'm legally recognized as insane.

Before the unrecognised, not even realized gap in our lives was filled with Gigi, before marriage and hard core commitment, oh hell, before the disappearance of peace, being selfish, and laziness, we had a couple of kids known as the cats.

Sure, they still live with us, and they are still family.  And yes, one of them may possibly be trying to drive me insane, but what child hasn't tried to send a parent to the looney bin?  Hand down in the back, Goody Two Shoes.  But back in our betrothed days, they were our kids without us realizing it.  These days I feel bad for those cats; old age mixed with a human little sister just hasn't panned out as planned.  At least I assume they had a plan and this wasn't it.  I'm just grateful all my kids tolerate each other.  Gigi's relationship borders on love, but the cats definitely just tolerate.  OMG, I'm getting so off track...

ANYWAY, I have always loved a deep warm bubble bath to end the day and almost every time I ran my bath in the "world's ugliest bathroom that I still use daily", Emmett would come running in to watch the water flow from the tap.  Then after my serenity had been drawn, he would either sit on the edge of the tub or up on the counter and tolerate my company with a smile.  OMG, AND he totally used to dip his tail in the water sometimes and which would FREAK ME OUT.

It would freak me out because not only is that insanely cute, it's also akin to him sticking his nasty dirty parts in my bubble bath.  But like I said, it was also insanely cute so I'd let him do it.  He loved to do the dip and I thought these tail dips were his attempts at solidifying our relationship.

These days when he does it, I wonder if he is just measuring up my reflex reactions to say, a plugged in appliance being pushed into the water.

So yes, Emmett and I share a love of the bubble baths.  I think the most mindnumbingly adorable things he did around bath time was to come running and then stand like a small child at the ledge.  Which brings us to photos six of folder six:

Who's in denial that this was my furry child? I can't deny how guilty I look.

Yes... so now I'm responsible for tagging five folks so I'll pick NaBloPoMo'rs to give them a night off from trying to think of a post topic.  You're welcome.

Cynical Dad
cool zebras
YOU (seriously, tell me if you are doing it)

I'm apologizing in advance if you have already done this meme, I'm so far behind in my reading I hyperventilate when I open my reader.  Seriously, I do.


Heather said...

Well, I was going to write possibly my most intelligent, most interesting, most wonderful post ever. But I guess I'll do this instead. It'll be on my blog tomorrow.

My cat totally hates the bathtub. Probably because when we got her she had fleas so we locked her in the bathtub while we went to buy flea shampoo. Welcome home cat, here's the bathroom.

Lovely bathroom. Mine is much worse. Baby blue. Just sayin'.

Ha ha my word verification is: tuaticat.

That seems sort of wrong.

Mimi said...

I love this post! Love the photos! Look at you all smoochy with the kitty ;-)

Mary G said...

That's hilarious, especially the tail thing.
This is the second time I've seen this meme and I think it's a blast. I'm in.

Mom101 said...

Ooh, I love this meme. That's so clever. Like you, I have a whole lot of pre-baby photos of the animals standing in for our babies. Poor guys.

for a different kind of girl said...

I love the second photo. That's love right there! The tail things makes me want to go out today and get a cat, and then I'm all, "Oh, someone else has to deal with the litter box, so...yeah..."

Ernesta said...

I've had cats all my life - love them - but had to give mine up when I married my very allergic husband. Went to a good home -- my parents! Love your bathtub smooch pic!!

Domestic Extraordinaire said...

I have those same color tiles but we have navy purple and pink paisley and rose wallpaper. ICK! I may just have to do this as well. if I do I will DM you on Twitter so you know.

Corina - Down to Earth Mama said...

This is a cool meme. Great second and third photo. Love it.

catnip said...

I freaking love your cat. And I might just steal this meme cause nablopomo is killing me.

Mac and Cheese said...

The tail dip would freak my germophobe self right out, although not as much as my dog scratching his butt on the front door mat.

I may steal this meme because I have nablopomo envy.

ALI said...

I did it! Loved this one!

Whirlwind said...

I may steal this because I'm running out of things to write about. Of course, my pictures would be fairly recent.

But more importantly, how do you have space on your computer for pictures from five years ago? I'm at March of this year and I need to upload them externally as I';m running out of memory for November's pictures. Either my files are too big, or I take to many pictures. My guess would be both!

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

One of my cats used to love to sit on the edge of the bath and lap at the bath water. Then, last year, he went missing. I'm trying not to think that my filth had something to do with it.

No Mother Earth said...

Sometimes you read something and go "yes, this is why I love motherbumper". I love that you called the colour of your bathroom "gruel". Too funny. I laughed out loud (v. rare for me). Are you by chance a fan of Oliver?

Our cat, Willow, has never accepted being usurped by the boys. We're four years in cat. GET OVER IT.

Nenette AM said...

OMG, I love it! Makes me miss my crazy cat, my baby before I had my human babies. :)

Okay, I did this meme too. Couldn't resist.

Kyla said...

Very cute!