Friday, May 16

Freaky Friday

Each and every time I join my daughter in the sand with a bucket and shovel, I have this inexplicable fear that I might find a severed finger while digging.

Hasn't happened yet but spring has just arrived and we have a full summer ahead of us.

Hee, I said ahead - maybe that's what I'm destined to find. Oh please don't let that be true.

Anyone have strange irrational playground/toy-related fears? Lay on the couch and talk to Frau Motherbumper, Sigmund taught me everything he knows.


Assertagirl said...

No way could I ever have an E.T. doll in my house. Remember those plush ones? Have I mentioned my fear of E.T.?

Every now and then I'll be at someone's house and they'll have some sort of E.T. thing and I'll suddenly see it and my heart still leaps out of my chest for a second.

I'm real mature.

Heather said...

Me? Neurosis? Nah.

Major Bedhead said...

Holy crap, that's one freaky picture.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

*backing away slowly*

A finger, huh? I only worry about sand fleas. Maybe cat poop.

*still backing away*

Wow, look at the time. Bye!

daysgoby said...

Does the irrational rage that Dora-inspired toys count?

My back yard is littered (okay, not really, I bury the evidence, muh-ha-ha) with bits of (OOPS!) stepped-on and torn-apart Doras.

Man, that sprinkler head was fun to take apart! Backpack this, beyotch!

Mayberry said...

I think I would be kind of excited if I found a severed finger. I'd be all "Hey kids!!! Check this OUT!" kind of like my mom did once when she opened up a box of frozen vegetables and found a teeny salamander inside (also frozen).

kittenpie said...

Okay, I didn't USED to have any sand digging fears... thanks for that.

Kyla said...

I used to be afraid that my toys would come alive at night...and I was always worried they were angry and were going to attack me when I got a new favorite toy. Eeek.

for a different kind of girl said...

I dread the inevitable discovery of cat poop in the sandbox, which, when it happens (because it always happens), I hope I can get out of sandbox play. Never happens, though. I actually think a severed finger would be my golden ticket!

My own mother made me semi-paranoid of swingsets, always told me swinging too high or hard would cause the swingset to flip. Sadly, I've issued this warning a few times to my kids. The fact our swingset is wooden, large and would require either a tank or a blazing inferno to destroy it, my irrational fears simply mock me

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty afraid of empty playgrounds, especially around dusk. I always start to hear the tune to Rock-a-bye-Baby, slightly offkey, played by an out of tune violin. Ooooh.

Something about that Jack-in-the-box too. I don't think I like him.