Tuesday, April 15

next up, moby

Monday started somewhat as expected. I'm definitely sick with something low grade, more ick than yuck, but manageable compared to previous fair this season has offered. I'm upright, and basically just having body aches and a bit of vertigo.

Something inner ear perhaps? Whatever it is, it better not take up residence for long or I'll go postal on it.

Anyhow, threatening to pull out the raving lunatic face essentially means nothing to the germs within, but the going crazy will directly effect the subject or possible focus of future posts. Pray for a quick recovery. Too much whine and cheese makes for bad reading.

Moving right along - in the morning SB and I confirmed that we had all the necessary parts of Bumper's nursery co-op registration filled out. Money, are all cheques filled out properly - yup, police check - Bumper has a reputation - completed, all the policies understood, initialled and signed. So much to do. Such a huge folder for such a wee person.

Off I went, forms, medical records, our complete family tree, sworn affidavits from ten friends, and the last seven years of our tax returns tucked under my arm. Not an accurate list of the folder contents, but it kinda felt like that. Across the street I went, heading toward the site of our Bumper's very first independent(ish)* activity: Nursery School.

Effort was actually exerted when picking the place (I know! Someone lazy like me in the parental sense, not just taking the closest available spot). Research and visits and searches were conducted by lil' ol' me: lazy butt. Damn proud of that feat. And confident. Kinda.

And yes - it's just a coincidence that this is the closest Nursery to our home - no really, it is.

As for independently(ish)* - word choice due to the fact that it's a co-op and I'll be there on my duty days. Now that should be interesting. Having so many minds to warp at one time, will definitely prove challenging.

Arriving at the gate a few minutes before the registration was to start, a few others were already crammed into the small mud room. The staff was inside the glass doors making prep for the mad rush of parents - many who brought their offspring. I was thankful that this task could be done alone, because personally I was too distracted to parent. I'd probably show off my fine mom skills when Bumper dismantled their photocopier and kidnapped the turtle while mom was lost in thought.

It's a lot of non-refundable money, I thought while tapping my foot and trying to distract myself with small chat with others. It wasn't working - I couldn't stop thinking about how this might be wrong. Maybe she isn't ready to go to school.

No, that's silly. She really needs to get out and meet other kids. She loves organized activities, she survived her first sleep away without a peep. It's the right thing to do.

Registrant #4 goes into the interview room - I'm number five. I could just leave now.

Good gawd, I never noticed that mural on the wall during the tour. It's of motherf**kin' clowns. Six of them.

This is wrong... I should of seen that... what else did I miss?

The clown on the far left looks like that creep out of Saw. This isn't good.

A bead of sweat actually formed above me ear. Am I hyperventilating? Why am I freaking out like this.

Snap out of it. If I was Nick Cage to your Cher, my cheek would be smarting.

Sure, I knew what this freakout was really about but couldn't I find one lame-ass reason that would give me license to run. Because the one about not wanting my daughter to be growing up this fast is just not cutting it.

Moby came in on my left.

Mental note: take this post down or edit before other parents find me out.

I really don't need or want Moby crapping on me.

But seriously - dude was a dead ringer.

Wonder if his kid is nice. Better be.

Gawd - what if she has a class of total bullies and knobs? Wait, her best neighbourhood buddy is registering also. Please let them be in the same class.

I'm gonna faint. I can feel it.

Gripping the sides of the chair and looking completely insane, the room opened and they call number five.

Last chance to leave.

Getting up and putting on that fake smile that I've donned too many times since becoming a parent, I entered the room and sat down on the mini classroom chair. Thrust my hand out, said my name loud and clear, and smiled. Passing myself off as a confident parent. I hope.

It's the right decision but it sure as heck doesn't make it any easier.

Must remember to suggest a repainting of the murals on clean-up day. You know, so I can't blame the flippin' clowns.

She's in - we got our preferences and now I have weeks to fret over our decision. Fun times ahead.


SciFi Dad said...

We're a few steps behind you in this area, at the "does she really need to go to preschool" phase. Part of the challenge for us is justifying it because MTM is a Kindergarten teacher, so it isn't curriculum, just social (and cutting the apron strings - from whom I shall not say, although I suspect the difficulty will not be one-sided).

It's complicated, because we're struggling with the "once she's in JK, she'll be in some form of 'school' for the next 18 years" (arguably she could drop out of high school, or not even seek post-sec, and that's OK with us, but in all likelihood, she will), and wonder if she really "needs" it. (Woah, nice run-on sentence.)

sam said...

You're going to LOVE the free time, and it's feel really rewarding when they come home after learning something new (good new, not bad new) and share it with you!

Sb is gonna do great, and so are you!

mamatulip said...

She will rock it at preschool. I know it. :)

metro mama said...

She will flourish. And so will you!

daysgoby said...

You done good. It's scary stuff. This will probably be harder on you than it will be on B - think of it as a chance for her to have a big playdate every day while you get to do some of the 1,000,000 things you want to be doing. (Like nap, you insane monkey.)

(Oh, and if they won't budge on the clowns mural thing? Accidentally fling juice on it. Overnight, orange or prune can do quite a bit o' damage. Not telling you how I know this. wink)

She will be awesome. And she's ready.

xox Jess

Amy U. said...

I had no idea there was such a thing as a co-op nursery school. In a way, it's something you're doing together, which might make the transition a bit easier to handle. I think you're doing a great thing for her! Think of all the things you can accomplish while she's off having fun and learning. Everybody wins.


crazymumma said...

ick. clowns.

scary circus music.

she is going to love it.

and if anyone gives her a hard time remember you can hire me and my trans am to lay a little fear okay?

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Okay, breathe.

Creepy clowns aside, she is going to be fine and dandy like cotton candy. You might need some therapy but Bumper will be great.

Mimi said...

Yay! Congratulations on getting through it.

Mayberry said...

She's going to love it. And for you -- C'mon, hanging out with a bunch of three-year-olds regularly? BLOG FODDER.

Mandy said...

A co-op... that's great 'cause you get to legitimately spy on them!

You'll both do great,

kgirl said...

preschool is wonderful. bee is there now, as she is every tuesday and thursday morning. the first week was a tiny bit rough, but now she loves it. bumper will too. and you definitely will.

Stimey said...

I remember the first time I left my oldest at school. I was like, "I just leave him here?" Sometimes simple things aren't so simple.

We do a co-op too. LOOOOVE it. You guys will do great.

nomotherearth said...

I will be hard at first, I won't lie, but when you see how much she loves it, you'll know it's the right decision.

And woot! Some free time. Yeah, baby.

Heather said...

It is hard at first. Then you get used to it. Then there are the days that you can't wait for them to go to school.

Then you miss them too.

Backpacking Dad said...

Come on now, own up. The vertigo was brought on by the Sens going down 3-0 in the series right?

And because I'm feeling snarky this morning: SciFi Dad whammied my Wings last night and made them lose 5-3.

Hockey Sucks!!!

kittenpie said...

You know what? She's going to love it. I don't know many kids who don't, and those ones are usually the ones who like to cling, not ones like Bumper. Pumpkinpie loves her daycare so much that some morenings, she asks to go now, please. Truly, it will be good. You will be amazed and grateful, I'm betting, to see how well she fares.

Kyla said...

I'm so nervous about sending KayTar to public school. SHE'S JUST A BABY! Waaaah!

Good luck. BubTar has thrived in school, I expect our girlies will, too.

Anonymous said...

You're right it's not the easiest thing to do, but she will love it and you will too. There'll be hard days but in the end it'll be worth it to hear her talk about her little friends and the songs she sings, or she could be like Samantha and not say a single word ;)

Ali said...

don't stress! it's going to be great. i was so stressed when it was Emily...but when it was isabella (baby #3) i practically tossed her into preschool.

it's great for the kid. and great for the parent. what more could you ask for? well...maybe a few less clowns...

for a different kind of girl said...

We had drama with my oldest when he went to preschool. I'm sure the fact I sat in the parking lot and wailed like I was Mary at the foot of the cross didn't help matters for him.

When my youngest went, we went through a lottery system, and every day I rationed that "we're good enough, dammit" that he'd get his number pulled. My rationing went into the fact I had no back up plan, and the kid needed some preschool time. He did two years, based on his birthday, and exploded with knowledge and social skills. He's winding down kindergarten now and I anticipate he'll run that joint come first grade.

Long comment short, preschool is a glorious thing (but thank God we just had changeable bulletin boards at mine, and not clown murals!)

something blue said...

I had no idea Moby had kids living in Toronto but that's the thing about rockstars. ;)

Don't 'cha know it costs extra to have clown free nursery school. Bumper is going to do great and how fabulous that she already has a friend that will be there too!

the mama bird diaries said...

It will be great for her and you.

But it is so hard to see them grow up.

Mac and Cheese said...

I sure hope all the other comments ring true 'cause I did the same thing just last week. In keeping with my usual self, I'm putting off the freak-out until September.

Chag said...

You made the right decision. No need to fret. She'll love preschool and you'll love the few hours a day of ME time.

But if Moby shows up one day with a synth, take her out of the class.

petite gourmand said...

funny post as per usual...
I'm sure bumper will love nursery school- but not as much as you will!
trust me.
Lulu started this year and for two mornings a week I get to actually have some personal time.
It's awesome.
Plus she really does love it and has learned way more than treehouse...I mean err I could have taught her ;

next year she's signed up for three mornings...can't wait.