Tuesday, April 22

Happy Earth Day Folks

Woke up with a wicked cough - so did SB and Bumper. Mother Nature obviously LOOOOOVES us. Or maybe the pollution has caught up on us and the reason for Earth Day is filling our chest with Alanis Morrisette kind of irony.

I would have preferred real irony* where the certified organic seeds purchased to start a balcony garden to teach Bumper about the environment, were actually mutant chemical laden offspring of super plants that plan on taking over the world because they want to seek revenge for the shitty job bipeds have been doing so far and we are growing the first generation.

Now that's a summertime blockbuster movie plot just waiting to happen. Starring Morgan Freeman, Jake Gyllenhaal and Tea Leoni. Doesn't that sound fab?

Anyhow - here is a picture of Bumper interacting with nature - she's trying to decide if she is going to chase that black squirrel or the dove which is really hard to see but it's just a few feet in front of her.
We will spend the day being respectful of the Earth - which we try to do every day but perhaps a bigger effort today.

Like maybe I'll share some good earth-centric reads - like the ones over at Playdate (yup, step right up and get your shameless plugs right here) and BlogHers Act Canada. Even over at Binkywood there is a green focused bit of gossip care of Something Blue.

Yes, that was my good deed for the hour.

So what are you doing for Earth Day? No seriously, what are you doing for Earth Day - inspire me folks.

* remember that seen in Reality Bites where Lelaina's asked to define irony at a job intereview and can't - well don't bother telling me that I've defined it wrong because I don't really care. Just like the majority of the generation they call X.

More shameless plugs (because I luv these folks and/or products):
- Give away at The Full Mommy
- Kids' Art Auction
- Clean Well is offering a 30% off all natural (no alcohol or bad chemicals) hand sanitizer and foaming hand soaps discount code (valid until Friday April 25): ED08 (that is zero-eight)
(This one I heard about via the Parent Bloggers Network - who RAWK!)
- sk*rt has a contest going this week - win a Fuji Crosstown 2.0 bike ($399 value) -so earth friendly, so economical, such a great workout. ENTER NOW!

The one from my peeps over at BlogHers Act Canada who are hosting the
Official BlogHers ACT Canada Earth Day Kids Gardening Photo Contest!
Details can be found here.

Please leave me a comment if you have a link to something Earth Day related.


mayberry said...

Giving away stuff over at the Full Mommy!

'Cause Earth Day = STUFF. And shameless plugs.

Heather said...

Um, my bad. I'm not doing anything special...unless trying to get my son to use the potty counts (but I've been doing that for a while without success so I doubt we'll have a breakthrough.)

I love that movie for whatever reason. "I know it when I see it!"

kittenpie said...

Me, well, nothing different than usual so far - but I wish I had had something in the fridge to bring for lunch so I didn't have to eat out. That would have been good. Bah.

And you know, definitions bepend on context... literary irony is one thing, the everyday definition another, and I'd love to hear Alanis' explanation of what she thinks it is sometime.

kittenpie said...

oh wait, we did plant a garden this weekend! With a few flowers and a handful of veggies!

Mouse said...

Nothing special here, other than my usual "everyday is Earth Day" attitude.

And I have to say that while we're dealing with some allergy issues in our new place, it's nothing compared to the pollution-induced respiratory crap we suffered from in TO!

Kyla said...

Earth Day = BubTar Day

We are going to the Children's Museum.

You have black squirrels? Is this a Canadian thing? I've never seen one before.

Mac and Cheese said...

Ironically, Alanis Morrisette doesn't seem to know the definition either, based on her lyrics. I get my info from Pop-Up Video.

kgirl said...

I once met someone from Mississippi who told me they did not have black squirrels.

I was not surprised.

I'm spoutin' off about eating local at my place, and tomorrow, Eat Me will be about eating with the world in mind.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

No Bumper! Stay away from the black squirrels! Those things are badass.

something blue said...

You Hollywood mogul! Let's do lunch to talk about your proposal. I want to see this enviro-blockbuster in '09.

I love Bumper's summer dress!