Thursday, March 6

somebody slap me

Thanks for all your congrats on my new sk*rt gig! You made me feel even happier about it (which I didn't think was possible). Please come visit me and sk*rt cool stuff so I can share it with the world.

So last night before her bedtime, Bumper was jumping on the couch and telling her Dad about her day. Somehow their conversation wandered off on a nonsensical tangent (that's my girl) that found itself at "Bumper's first pajama party" and who she'd invite.

We were throwing names at her and she would laugh and nod in agreement that they would be on the super cool pj party list.

Then we started throwing silly made up names at her which made her laugh harder, then SB suggested that she invites some kid named "Shrugger". She stopped cold and said a firm no.

SB and I looked at each other and asked (with obvious intrigue) why this imaginary Shrugger wasn't allowed at her pajama party?

"Because he's a boy and he likes me."

Reaction of both parents: nervous laughter mixed with horror.

Where the heck did a 29 month old little girl pick that sort of thing up?

Her interactions with boys (outside of family) is limited to a once a week gym class (where she surprisingly doesn't interact with the boys - at all) and one of her friends "older" brother who at age five, isn't the least bit interesting in discussing romance - Transformers? Yes. Girls? No freakin' way!

On our front, we never tease her about boys in that way and none of her books or television exposures involve "romance" of any degree. We would like her to avoid the crummy, I mean wonderful but painful world of romance for as long as possible thankyouverymuch (yes I realize I've been abusing that run on word of late, but I will use it as often as I like, thankyouverymuch).

I find it a smidge distressing and now I'm having this nature versus nurture debate in my head. Trying to find all influential variables, possible exposure, and for the love of chocolate - a possible hypothesis. Oh my head hurts and it isn't just he quick dry cement's fault.

What's she going to be like as a teen? We're sunk if she's boy crazy already.

Overreaction? Most likely yes, but still.... where did my iddy biddy little baby go? (WAH!). Does anyone else find something familiar in this reaction? Am I alone? Am I turning into Carrie's mom?

Moving right along (Why yes, I do live next to the De Nile river where suppressing anxiety is a required for survival).

The lovely Christina over at A Mommy Story gave me an award for being Sassy (you have to say it like you mean it - sass-seeeee!) which is super cool because it totally matches my new Dorothy Hamill inspired haircut I got this past weekend. The haircut actually leans very Vidal Sassoon which makes me wonder if the hairdresser pulled an 70's make-over on me.

Let me pass the joy of this sweet and sassy award to some deserving Sass makers I have met in my blog travels: My favorite UK blog friend over at Where Ewe Go, There Ewe Are (love the new green diggs) and Jennie who always makes me laugh and/or sigh over at GoNelsons. Both are super sassy (in a totally empowered way) and deserve the bling.

Okay, I'm going to curl back up on the couch, complain to no one in particular about his killer cold, and make sure my daughter doesn't pull another stunt like yesterdays "I'm going to open the food colouring and pour it all over my body and the floor while my momma takes a two-second shower" stunt. Fun f'ing times, fun f'ing times.


SciFi Dad said...

Boy troubles at 29 months?!?

But seriously, she had to pick that up somewhere, either from a tv show or something... maybe when she was playing with other kids at someone's house and the tv wasn't as closely monitored as you and SB do?

For now, I'd leave it. If it becomes a more frequent utterance, then maybe I'd ask for an explanation (in her terms) of what that means, and why they can't sleep over.

Kyla said...

The good news is that she isn't asking for Shrugger to sleep over. LOL. Then you'll have a problem.

KayTar doesn't understand any of the social stuff and she can't verbalize like that, so I can't tell you if it is typical or not. Maybe she doesn't mean romantic like? Maybe she just doesn't like any boys and doesn't want any of them liking her (even in a friendly way)? Maybe?

Mayberry said...

I am shuddering at the food coloring thing more than the boy comment ... omg.

Mandy said...

girl, what are you doing leaving food colouring within reach??

reminds me of the time when David, reading the paper about 10 feet away from Nate, "let" Nate colour his entire body with blue permanent marker.

anyway, good luck with the bf thing... at 29 months that makes her an overachiever if that makes you feel any better!

kittenpie said...

Eek, boys already? However, 3 is the age of gender divide, and Pumpkinpie has noted taht she doesn't like some of the bigger boys, and much prefers playing with girls in general. (Though there hasn't been a mention of any liking in that way, thank goodness for my poor heart!)

something blue said...

You should be happy she said no to Shrugger. She's not boy crazy and wants none of those boy coodies. But watch out for Snuggler. He's been known to hold hands all the 30 month old girls.

jennie said...

thank you motherbumper! I greatly appreciate the compliments and am proud to be a sassy mama!

Heather said...

Young love. My daughter insisted she had a boyfriend from the moment she turned 3 and met Michael. He's at a different school now though, and no longer her ONLY boyfriend. A girl needs to keep her options open you know.

Mac and Cheese said...

Here is a delayed congrats on your sk*rt gig. I wanted to say something yesterday but some of your Doozers have moved over to my head and are causing my eyes to glaze over a bit more than I can handle. What a great opportunity!

Mac and Cheese said...

...that opportunity being the sk*rt thing, not the Doozers. The Doozers are just retched beings.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Don't sweat it, babe. I was totally boy crazy from a really early age and look at how great I turned out!

Quit laughing.

Lisa b said...

baby you are sasss -eeeeee

nomotherearth said...

I didn't have my first boyfriend till 16. She's way more sass-seee than I'll ever be.

Anonymous said...

Those are fun f'ing times. Holy food coloring!