Tuesday, March 4

it's like sandpaper for my nose

As I dragged myself out of bed this morning, two things struck me: (1) today is registration for the city recreation programs so if I even want just one structured thing to do each week with my child, I'd better dust of the credit card STAT and (2) who the hell poured all this quick dry cement into my sinuses?

Seriously, they are filled with leaky, vile, quick-dry and quick-replace cement. For every ounce that drains, a new ounce appears. It's simply amazing. If buildings where constructed with this stuff, nothing would ever collapse. The walls would be disgusting and possibly contagious, but those suckers would never fall.

What kind of beast has the ability to pour this crap, undetected, into my head while I sleep? Doozers? Ack, they would never be so cruel. Industrious, yes, cruel, no.

As I type this this weak little post of illness, I toggle between Blogger and the recreation registration page to refresh the "Maximum Sessions Reached" message. I know better than to develop a severe neck cramp from pressing redial so I can hear the busy signal on the phone or (god forbid) attempt to go in person to register. I've learned a few things since becoming cruise director on this here Poseidon Adventure: The Voyage of the Bumper. Use on-line registration when trying to get on the shuffle-court of preschool fun.

And the learning never stops, why I just learned another lesson today: stop buying such cheap freakin' tissue because oh my holy heck, sand paper would be kinder to my skin than this sh*t I keep using to wipe my delicate smelling device.

So I must stop this tale of almost drowning in my own body mucous before you get completely grossed out. This is - by far - the worst cold I've had this year, if not the past few years. It's productive and obviously that has scored my overachieving virus a fancy bonus of lingering for too many days.

It struck at a bad time (like there is a good one) but I will persevere. Tomorrow I have a post ready to go that promises less contagious subject matter, prizes (no really - not by me but I'm getting ahead of myself), and of course the "my good news" that I babbled about a few posts ago. Yup, I'm leaving this all cliffhangery like that. Cruel ain't it?

Welcome to my head cold: where cruel is served warm, sticky, with extra nuts.


Heather said...

Lotion tissues. The only way to go when your nose is producing copious amounts of goo.

I love Fraggle Rock.

Good luck with the registration!

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Aw, get better hon. Like heather said, get those lotion tissues. They rock.

Mayberry said...

Feel better soon! You NEED that delicate smelling device.

Kyla said...

Feel better. KayTar feels your pain.

Mac and Cheese said...

Thanks for the mucus imagery.

something blue said...

3 ply baby. Actually my mom recommends toilet paper because she swears that there is glass in kleenex. I have no idea if this is true but I must believe my mom because she said so.

mamatulip said...

I feel for you. I had a terrible head/chest/sinus thing about a month ago that lasted forfuckingever. I hope yours clears up soon.

Lisa b said...

Doozers. They were my fave.
and thanks for reminding me I have to register for 'stuff' .
I managed to get the JK registration in yesterday bc it was due last week and homeschooling just doesn't appeal.

Gabriella said...

get better soon, we need to have a coffee! I'm on my 4th cold this year, the most I've ever had thanks to a tiny little person and her 15 runny nose companions.

kittenpie said...

Ugh, I missed registration again this morning because we were going to the doctor's about a potential bladder infection (Pumpkinpie, not me), and I forgot about it! Gah! We at least got into one of the three things we were after, but sheesh.

And truly, for when your nose is raw, the triple-thick tissues with lotion are SO worth it. Treat yourself. Heck, next time I see you, I'LL treat you.

kgirl said...

Our registration was yesterday and I totally missed it because I suck, which now means that I'll have to enroll Bee in the more expensive community dance lessons, or else my heart will break every time she implores, Wanna see me ballet!?!

kgirl said...

oh, and p.s.
just use a cloth. better for your poor shnozz and the enviro.