Wednesday, March 5

a heck of a lot better than being pantzed

Any long time reader of motherbumper (Hi Dad!) knows that films and fine television have always been a passion of mine but I rarily talk about my other entertainment related passion. I like the seedier side of movies and the boob tube. Oh get your mind out of the gutter, I'm talking what famous people do when off the clock. OK, so in the case of famewh*re Paris Hilton put your mind back in the gutter.

Have I ever mentioned that I have a slight addiction to celebrity gossip? Or that a steady diet of Hello!, US weekly and an occasional Star may have played a huge part in my recovery during the post partum days? (Fully weaned now and no longer required because found salacious and suitable blog replacements.) Or that I visit as many as gossipy and snarky blogs as humanly possible some celebrity gossip blogs almost every hour day?


Some might peg me as one of those people that would not enjoy the obvious annoyance of celebrities or that I'm intolerant of those who photograph or report on them (or pap and smear) without the benefit of an interview or invitation. But I'm confident that some (not all) of these celebs would do anything just short of public cannibalism to maintain the interest of that desired foe.

Now others would say I have fun reading about all these crazy celebrity quirks and quarks immensely. Perhaps I find it slightly reassuring of their human biology by watching the rich &/or famous do the everyday, mundane, crap that we do - including experiencing sh*tty relationships and such. But they do it all soap-opera-like because they have money and hairdressers etcetera.

Honestly, I fall somewhere in between (though leaning slightly more towards the second theory). Sure, I can go cold turkey - but like some addicts - I'd rather not thankyouverymuch.

So - as usual - where the H-E- double hockey sticks am I going with this? (sorry, hockey game happening in HD to my immediate left and is more than slightly distracting).

Well I finally found a positive outlet for my film/tv/gossip habit. Those wonderful sk*rt ladies asked for editors and I heard my calling. Something I love to do (telling folks about great posts) that can be done in short little two minutes bursts between toddler wrangling and what ever other distractions are thrown my way.

Lucky for me, they agreed and here I am: one of the new sk*rt editors in the sometimes tawdry arena of Arts & Entertainment (must be said in your best Bill Curtis voice.)


So what does that mean?

Well first up, things have been updated over there, the layout is new, how rankings happen has changed, and you get to see all the editor (that's me!) picks for each of the categories. You really should go over and check it out.

I know it's hard to picture motherbumper being giggly and all but I seriously was when I got that email after watching LOST last week. Oh my holy heck it was a double whammy of the cool kind. So if you are a sk*rt member or plan on joining, look me up (bumper) and I'll add you as a friend. Because I like friends. If you are mean, you need not apply. I don't like meanies. I'm kinda simple like that. It's better for my health.

Oh and now that all my court ordered restraining orders have expired, I can start making as many friends where ever I want again. Oh. Did I say that outloud?

Here is a distraction from my last statement:

Holy crud: The TV is still on and as I sit here and type some business has a commercial with a very elevator-musak sterilized cover of The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's "With a Little Help from My Friends". Apparently we are all to believe that we can all get a little high with a little help from our friends at Hampton by Hilton. Hampton by Hilton, hotel most preferred by university freshman world wide.

OK, so this was a nice little break from my snot filled posts of late - and yes this was my good news I was babbling incoherently about while under the influence of Nyquil and whatnot the past couple of posts.

But for those keeping score: the good shop lollysnot commanded by captain cough remains firmly docked and there has been evidence that a recruitment vessel has been sent to the port of Bumper. I'm bracing for impact. We should be a really fun super duo of phlegm & plague to hang out with over the next few days. Please let me be wrong and that she is immune to whatever the heck I have.

Back to more pleasant things: Look! Shiny new free things: Did I mention there are giveaways over at sk*rt blog to be won? Because of the new look, new editors and newness in general, the sk*rt ladies have over $1,000 in giveaways - just leave a comment at the post over at the sk*rt blog linked right here (giveaway ends March 15th, 2008 - so go now!).

Now I must retreat into my sick lair, only to come out and pick my favorite sk*rts (made by YOU) for the editor's column. So go sk*rt something cool and make my job fun. Agreed? See how easy that was? Easy Peasy.


Karen Sugarpants said...

Congratulations Pauly!!!! That's awesomeness!

Lisa b said...

ok just so you know I am going to resist joining for as long as I can.

Mayberry said...

FUN! Way to go!

SciFi Dad said...

Congratulations. May your days be filled with drunken Parises and bald Britneys. ;)

Chag said...


Christina said...

Congrats! Sounds like fun - wish I would have put my name in the hat when they asked for editors.

Getting to gossip about TV for a job will be awesome.

Heather said...

You go girl! Sounds like a great gig.

Kyla said...

Yay! Very cool.

And I pantzed Josh the other day. It was HI-larious. Heh. We're juvenile.

Whit said...

Kudos! It must have been your keen insight on the red-carpet.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

That's faaaabulous.

But I totally had you pegged for a gossip monger the whole time.

Sandra said...

You already know what I think but I'll say it again .... Yipeeeee!!! Congrats my friend. You are going to totally ROCK this!

kittenpie said...

Ooh, awesome! What a fun gig!
I must admit, I run hot and cold on celeb gossip - sometimes, I'm fascinated, other times, I wish everyone would just leave everyone the hell alone. But still. Editing it would be fun. Good going, MB!

Gabriella said...

Woohoo! That's great!!!

nomotherearth said...

Way to go you! You'll do a great job.

something blue said...

"good shop lollysnot" *snort*

You beautiful skirt editor! I'm so happy for you. You rock and I know you. Yay me.

Janet said...

yay! Way to go!

metro mama said...

Awesome news! Congrats!

b*babbler said...

congratulations congratulations CONGRATULATIONS on the new gig!

Terrific news!

Lesbilicious said...

Hey, sorry for gatecrashing but I have a real question for you as skirt editor... is there any way that skirt can get on the list at ? That's what I use on my website ( to encourage people to add our stories to news sites, and I bet skirt would get a load more traffic if it could get in there. gatecrash over ;-)

scarbie doll said...

Sheesh that's exciting. I mean you told me over the phone but to finally go over and check it out! Whoa! Congrats girl, you deserve it.