Tuesday, March 25

Be Still My Beating Heart

OK - I'm working on all the freakin' kick a*s questions you asked AND OMG thank you for your awesomeness and supplying me with post fodder.

Holy crap - you know how I'm so long-winded? Well some of those questions require answers that are freaking essays. I'll try to be succinct (ha! who am I fooling) but right now I will supply with some outrage (or at least I think it will outrage you - oh gawd, I hope it does).

Apparently some brainfart in the UK made an online game aimed at tweens (hate the term but you know who I'm talking about) - and the game encourages the wee ones to compete with other tweens using an online doll. This doll can have breast enhancements, crash diets, and other little girl dreams!


And I quote from CNN International article I tripped upon:
Girls are encouraged to compete against each other to become the "hottest, coolest, most famous bimbo in the whole world."
WHA???? WTF???? OMFG????

What kind of p*doph*le sick f*ck troll (and I'm being incredibly polite) dreams this crap up? Oh let me copy another quote from the same article:
Nicolas Jacquart, the 23-year-old Web designer from Tooting, south London, who created it was quoted in the Daily Mail as saying: "It is not a bad influence for young children. They learn to take care of their bimbos. The missions and goals are morally sound and teach children about the real world."

Oh and get this - the game is called Miss Bimbo. Just f'ing wonderful.

We are going off-grid and moving to that cabin in the woods. See y'all later - I've got some butter to churn.
Here's a bucket to collect all the puke from reading all about Miss Bimbo.


Mayberry said...

OMG I think you're going to need a bigger bucket.

"Morally sound" my cellulite-covered ass.

Her Bad Mother said...

just saw that today and nearly DIED.

We have the land if you have dah buckets...

kittenpie said...

And that was the Tuesday Morning Chuck... How appalling! I'm sure it was meant to be funny, but I'm not sure tweens know to see it that way.

And I totally had the same problem with the questions meme thingy - how do I answer that without major back story? Well, I babbled a lot and got accused of being slippery on my answers, but there it is. I'm a two-sides girl.

Backpacking Dad said...

Brilliant satire or juvenile frat-humor?

I can't quite tell.

I'm leaning toward frat-humor.

Sadie said...

OMFG!!! That's INSANE! WTH?!?! The things people come up with!

Ms. Porter said...

I heard about this too, disgusting.,...but someone is letting their tween play this 'game' online.

Kyla said...

I'd comment but I'm too busy smashing my head into the keyboard and wondering what the hell is wrong with people. OMG.

Sandra said...

Oh. My. God.


Tracey said...

You have GOT to be kidding me... I won't even click the link, cuz it would just depress me.

SciFi Dad said...

So basically we're talking about slutty human webkinz?

this is the way the world will end
this is the way the world will end
this is the way the world will end
not with a bang but a bimbo

Amanda said...

When did reality become more f*cked up than fiction? Seriously!

the mama bird diaries said...

That bucket is too nice to throw up in. I just ran to the loo instead.

Redneck Mommy said...

I read that today too and then promptly phoned my best friend to screech about what kind of facked up world we live in.

A pox on who ever thought this gem up. Nothing fatal. Just some hives and maybe a few well placed lesions.

I've added a question for you to answer.

Cuz I need to know.

Whit said...

I had a bimbo doll once, it was inflatable.

nomotherearth said...

Just read about this before I clicked over here. Some people truly suck.

Gunfighter said...

I hope it won't offend your peaceful Canadian nature, MB, but as the father of two daughters, I would like to deliver a large American-style beat down to that pervy little f***

(Sci Fi dad... nice riff on the TS Eliot)

VICTORIA said...

That is so terribly disturbing. I do not allow my dtr's internet time without supervision, and that site is just insane!

"The world is a vampire..."

MamaMo said...

you. are. KIDDING. me! what has to be going on in your life for an idea like this to pop into your head?!