Sunday, February 17

Weekly Winner Feb 17 2008

Time for this weeks Weekly Winners, and sporting a rare theme this week of Romance & Lingerie (kind of... well if you consider a drawer full of sensible things, pj bottoms, and equally sexy girl boxers, lingerie):

In the corner for Romance is:


In the corner for Lingerie is:

The cat in my smalls drawer.

This is quite possibly the reason I have holes in all my stuff. Which is a relief because no one really wants to know the reason they have so many freakin' holes in their underroos is because of acid crotch.

Even though some folks might suspect it is due to some freaky reason like that and I suspect they aren't wrong.

I'm just saying.

And in the other corner of my traid that is neither Romance or Lingerie is Craftiness:

These hands were made for gluin' and that's just what they'll do!

And I've decided that many of you have similar and fantastic taste in picking up strangers on a deserted stranger as demonstrated in my Who would you hook up with from Lost unscientific and unofficial poll (which is ongoing, so go and leave me your answer). Most of you are like me which makes you most like equally insane as me, which is reassuring.

Very reassuring and explains a whole lotta stuff.


Kyla said...

LOST? Charlie...alllll the way. But before he was dead, because that would just be creepy.

Jezer said...

I'm totally gonna call them "smalls" from now on.

Bumper's hands are so sweet.

petite gourmand said...

Sawyer all the way.
not only is he easy on the eyes, I just crack up with all his nick names for everyone.
Like "keep mov'in Yoda" to Ben last week. hee hee.
but Desmond ain't too shabby either.
oh and did you know that the creepy other's guy "Ethan" is Tom Cruise's cousin?
just a little bit of Lost trivia for ya.

the mama bird diaries said...

I don't even watch the show but definitely Matthew Fox (crushin' on him since Party of Five... I wrote letters to keep that show on the air... I know, so lame) and that Sawyer hot guy. Yum.

Janet said...

Um, is 'acid crotch' an actual medical condition? If not, it should be because it sounds utterly Google-able. ;)

something blue said...

The crotch talk sounds like a piece of our conversation driving home from Chicago.

The flowers are pretty!

kittenpie said...

Lemme just say there's no point in fancy undies - someone I know just got hers all lifted during an open house. I'm just saying. Creeepy.