Sunday, January 20

It's Monday and I need a shower

Thankfully the scantily clad toy (toy... does that term apply here?) has fallen by the wayside and no interest has been shown all weekend.

This is good. Very good.

But that don't mean that this mama doesn't have a back up plan. With the aid of her acquaintance Mickey aka: Knuckles - if the tart makes a resurgence in popularity a little "accident" might be arranged. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

Anyhow, Mr. Potato Head is back and it's like all of the sudden Bumper gets it.

Eyes go here, ears go there, mouth down there and nose smack in the middle. She is conforming folks! Maybe she will blend in enough so that Big Brother doesn't tag her as a trouble-maker.

That's right little one, lull them into thinking you conform and then get them from the inside out... oh wait, did I type that out loud? Moving right along from my anarchist dreams for my child and plans for taking the man down from the inside...

Back to vegetable modelling: Bumper puts dashes of her style where ever she goes

Hypnotic isn't he? I feel like he is the king of the gangsta' potatoes. If he had pants, they would be falling down. If he had a drink, it would be a jumbo-size jug of Sunny-D. Yup, he could hang in our 'hood. Seriously, he looks like half the teens on my street.

Anyhow, it's been an exciting weekend around these parts. Bumper has a full fledged cousin - her first - and we are all very happy. Cousin (who has not been given a bloggy name yet) arrived almost a week early, coming in at 10 lb 2 oz.... which means she is basically already half the size of Bumper. Everyone is doing well and Bumper is itching to go visit. Actually we all are - not itching, we have cream for that - but we all want to see Miss New Cousin as soon as possible.

Speaking of bouncing babies - the reason I've been light on posts and deep thoughts as of late is because of side-project I've been working on for the past week. With the fine ladies known as Mayberry Mom and Motherhood Uncensored and about a gazillion other bloggers (give or take a million), I've been building some virtual jukeboxes for Mothergoosemouse's baby shower.

The shower theme is Take Cover, Mothergoosemouse - because she's having a boy. Get it? Take cover because golden showers are forecast? Get it, GET IT? Pee-pee tee-pee's are in mass order... hee hee... oh golly, I can only imagine what are my keyword searches going to look like from this post.

Yup every song is related to umbrellas, rain, boys, and the colour blue - go join in the fun and send the lovely Mothergoosemouse best wishes on the upcoming arrival.

Join in with a post on raising a boy, listen to some tunes and find out how you can win a really cool prize. Come one now, scare, I mean share with us your boy-raising trials and tribulations and make sure the mighty fine Mothergoosemouse knows what fun is ahead.

Happy Monday!


Mayberry said...

Let me just say that it has been way too long since I listened to "Tarzan Boy." Thank you for rectifying that situation.

Really, y'all, motherbumper worked her ass off on this -- you must check it out!

Mama Zen said...

Truly awesome vegetable modeling!

Mrs. Chicky said...

Gangsta potato! I just spit out my water.

kittenpie said...

How, lookit you, being all leading the bloggy citizenry and all! I'm impressed. But at least as impressed with Mistah Tater-Haid. I'm tempted to go for a pun here, but I have to go man the ref desk... urk. And try not to puke on anyone's shoes.

Kyla said...

Those play lists are AWESOME!

And I was TOTALLY thinking that potato looked like a gangster potato before I read the caption.

mothergoosemouse said...

I am quite impressed with Bumper's potato fashion sense! The upside down eyes in particular give him a certain je ne sais quoi.

And have I told you lately how fabulous you are? And how you have totally made my day?

nomotherearth said...

I wish I had read this earlier beacuse I have a LOT to say about boys. I'm surrounded. Send help.

Sigh. Always late to the party.

Mama Drama Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Okay, until this moment I did not get the golden shower reference. I'm an idiot.

Also? The TaterGangsta is totally "crunk". Is that what the kids are saying now?

Janet said...

I dig the gangsta potato. Yo. (Get it? Dig? Never mind.)

ewe are here said...

I've always rather enjoyed seeing a well dressed potato.