Monday, January 28

dinner tonight - the usual place?

Last night I realized my last post - the one where I appear to be under the influence of something - possibly evil clowns - yes that one - well that was my 300th post.


Am I supposed to do something? Receive something? A plaque? Do I get a telegram from the Queen? Maybe the Queen of Spain? Do telegrams even exist anymore?

Is there a special anniversary theme like those for consumer-driven gift hungry wedding celebrations? Three-hundred could be arsenic or seaborgium. Both sound intriguing (and quite possibly deadly).

Anyhow, I thought that the number 300 appeared significant but quickly realized that in the whole scheme of things - it really wasn't.

So I got over it and moved on in life.


Before giving birth, I was a somewhat organized person. But any semblance to organization was blown to hell in a hand basket the day my water broke.

It would be little exaggeration to say I've been treading water ever since. Sure my legs are stronger now but oh my holy heck - all organizations skills have had to adapt to working in traumatic conditions.

That said, back in my days of pre-baby "I'm going to be a perfect mom" delusions, a meal plan was something I envisioned doing for my family and budget but (omg stop laughing... I know you are laughing at the insanity of that statement because you know I'd never pull that off... oh come on, stop it please) BUT you guessed it: it will be a slow day in Toddlerville the day that manage to organize a meal plan.

So we wing it most weeks. I try to plan two or three meals and then work around that slim plan. Basically I'm always scrambling to the store last-minute OR sending SB a shopping list on those afternoons where Bumper (and therefore I) won't survive a grocery shopping trip.

And I've got to admit: when it comes to pre-planning meals, I'm kind of paranoid about meat (I'm convinced it will go bad fast). So I like to cook it ASAP same-day as purchase which makes it difficult to pre-shop a meat-included meal.

And since I'm making admissions: I don't really like the meat prep. Sure, I love to eat it most of the time but handling it raw... ewwwww.

Oh and forget about frozen meat - defrosting requires a lot of coordination. You know, like remembering to take it out of the freezer.

Anyhow, to get to the point (oh yes, there is a point) there is a really cool challenge going on over at The League of Maternal Justice - who have partnered up with the super fine BlogHers Act Canada and equally super cool Green Mom Finds. The challenge is to go meat free Monday through Friday this week.

Sold! It means less shopping and handling of bloody stuff (literally).

There are recipes to be shared and there are prizes involved which translates to triple word score. Check out the deets here:

So yes, you have been warned. This week I will probably be talking about how green, healthy, light, and airy I'm feeling.

And possibly gassy because I'm not sure if my body is ready to be filled with vegetables and other assorted healthy items.

I have been meaning to take care of the body I was issued, but I was also kind of waiting until the invention of a non-invasive day surgery procedure that would cure all ails with no repercussions.

Since that might not be a possibility, I think I will start with a challenge because I'm kind of a competitive person. Okay, not kind of but completely. So I'm going meat free this week, which means the family is going meat free this week.

Oh wait, before I sign up I need to confirm: Do Cadbury Easter Cream eggs count as meat? (please PLEASE say no).

Care to join in NoMeatPoWeek? What's the worst thing that could happen? You feel healthy? Save on the food bill? Seriously, what's stopping you?

lollipops aren't made of meat, right?
okay, I'm in


Kyla said...

Hey! You just explained why I never cook. LOL.

I'd be so in for the meatless business, but Josh, who is the cook in these here parts, would have none of it. He's a meat eater through and through.

I, on the other hand, could survive on Kraft Dinner for a week without problem. LOL.

mamatulip said...

I'm with Kyla. Dave would throw a huge fit if we didn't have meat around here. A couple of nights, yeah, but a week? Blasphemy.

Cadbury Eggs are NOT MEAT. At least, they'd fuckin' well better not be.

motherbumper said...

Thank you for confirming that Mama T - oh wise Mama T. And oh my holy heck, am I the only person who married a meat-ambivalent man?

something blue said...

I could be a vegetarian. I only require starch, coffee and chocolate. Of course I'd be about as big as a house.

The problem with meal planning is that I'm not psychic to know what I'll be in the mood for. Plus I love grocery shopping and think that buying fresh daily is European which is equivalent to glamorous.

I'm two away from 300. Congrats!

Oh and by the way thanks for reminding me to take the chocolate pie out of my freezer.

Mimi said...

300 posts! Fantastic!

And. Raw meat == gross. I'm tofu all the way, baby.

kittenpie said...

- What's stopping me? I don't cook, misterpie does. And good luck convincing him!

- I totally envisioning the Chick Fil-A cow wearing a sign that said Eat Mor Vegabels for this button...

- I had the same thought for posts 250 and 300. Should I be marking this somehow? Naw. But my two year mark is coming up, so maybe that? We'll see.

Mac and Cheese said...

I think I've already won the challenge. My unborn child is not up for meat, and my husband is also meat-ambivalent. I've seen him have yogurt and berries for dinner on more than one occasion, especially lately when all I make for dinner is a bowl of Lucky Charms.

Jezer said...

How timely--We (I mean *I*) just decided to go as meatless as possible beginning yesterday. The Mr. and Al will probably have some carnage here and there, but I am going totally meat-free. I was a vegetarian several years ago and I'd been toying with the idea of returning, so here we go. We'll do it together!

Chag said...

I freak out about meat quickly going bad, too.

But not enough to give it up.

nomotherearth said...

Meal Plan?? What is this of which you speak???

I wouldn't make it through winter without Easter Cream eggs.