Monday, January 28

do not measure my intelligence or gullibility by reading this post

While watching Scott Baio is 45... and Single this evening, I said out loud without thinking twice:

"This must be an old show."

Because the segment began with a panoramic shot featuring the Capitol Records Tower.

Because the Capitol Records Tower was destroyed right?

In a.. during a... that time that something like 12 huge tornadoes tore through Los Angles and...

omg.... that was a movie.

Do not judge me for the following reasons:
  • Watching Scott Baio is 45... and Single (I know that you know EXACTLY which show I am talking about)
  • Thinking that Day After Tomorrow with Jake was real
Note my priority. I can take you thinking that I believe L.A. was recently decimated but not that I was watching SB45AS. Go figure.

Hell knows that I can't blame any of my strange thought patterns on my recent diet change to vegetarian (Day One: NaMeatPoWeek digested over at BlogHers Act Canada) so I will blame sleep deprivation.

Come on now, it's totally, totally plausible.


Whit said...

MotherBumper loves Chachi.

Sadie said...

*giggle* I think you have your priorities in the right order. I'd be more concerned about the Scott Baio thing. While flipping the other day I saw pieces of the "SB is 46 & pregnant" and it scared me thoroughly...not really anxious to see the predecessor to it.

And I love the Day After Tomorrow!! Never thought it was real...but that doesn't mean I couldn't...if I was tired enough.

Sandra said...

You are me. But a bit shorter. And cuter.

Know the show (she says blushing). Would have had the same thought.

I knew there was a reason why I love you.

Kyla said...

Hahaha! You know there is a new season, Scott Baio is 46...and Pregnant, right? Not that I watch that sort of thing. Nope, not me. LOL.

Queeny said...

If you gotta blame something, might as well be sleep deprivation. I blame it for my waning intelligence all the time.

I loved Scott in "Happy Days" and even watched "Joanie Loves Chachi" (how gross was that?), but I've never seen his reality show. Just sounds ... depressing.

something blue said...

I believe the reports do say that Capitol is destroyed and I've never seen The Day After Tomorrow. It's all doom and gloom for the music industry.

Mrs. Chicky said...

Every time I see that building in a movie or show I think "Didn't they just blow up that thing?".

You're not alone. We'll be pathetic together.

Denguy said...

I have a question I asked my daughter:
Who's in charge?

To which she answers:

Chachi's 45?

Mandy said...

We all have guilty tv watching pleasures, but seriously, you admitted that one publically??


jennie said...

Scott Baio is 45? Wow, that seems old. For him I mean. Except that my husband is 38, so I guess that makes me old.

Mayberry said...

I just like the abbreviation SB45AS.

Lisa b said...

Hahahah -that is AWESOME.
Sleep deprivation totally has me blurring the boundary between real life and my imaginary one.

Mac and Cheese said...

I'm just so glad someone else is watching Scott Baio's show besides me. Hey, is that who you named S.B. after? I bet it is!

VICTORIA said...

SB45AS....yeah, my DH watches that, so I do too at times. He is a reality showaholic?!! I think it is sick how celebrities are gaining on this junk!