Thursday, December 6

I also really loved Alligator Al but not enough to name my kid after him

Bumper's two favorite daily activities here in Bumperland are making huge messes and drawing.

Actually I do the drawing, she does the requests. I try to draw what ever she dreams up.

I don't mind, it brings out the Mr. Dressup in me.

Oh man I loved that show. It's surprising I didn't name my first born Casey or Finnegan - even though I really do love both names.

When Mr. Dressup would start drawing on that easel with the big markers, it would make me swoon. He could draw anything and everything flawlessly. My love of markers, pastels, charcols, can count Mr. D as a major influence.

Holy tangent batman...

Anyhow, Bumper likes to tell me what to draw and it's fun. Sometimes it's spiders, or cats, or houses, or flowers, or germs or whatever is on her mind. But most of the time it's daddy, mommy, and BUMPER! in that order.

She starts with a blank face shape and then tells me everything she wants: eyes, big eyes, 'lashsis, nose, teeny nose, etc. The outcome is almost always funny.

But lately I've noticed a trend. The daddy frown, mommy frown trend:

Notice her smile. It's not like she doesn't know what a smile is but do we get to have one? I don't think so.

The shocked looked in the second one was purely bad pupil drawing but the slightly devilish look on B's face... I have no idea where that came from.

We don't really frown that much, I think she just loves my reactions. She's already showing signs of being a total joker - just like her dad.

And even during these days of illness, the fact that it is minus "OM-F**NG-G weather like this is so wrong" degrees outside (I'm a wuss when sick - and pretty much in any other condition), and my stroller sucks in this weather, ..... and whatever other excuses to stay at home are available - despite all this, we still must get exercise. And she is sick of getting mail and going to the laundry room.

Without exercise, bedtime would be awful.

So when we aren't dancing, some form of jumping is going on:

Caught mid-air. In suitable shorts. But they belong to someone else.

Come to think of it, they suit him too.


nomotherearth said...

The Boy loves to draw too. (or make me draw). Perhaps we should all get together?

Jezer said...

How sweet are those feet? And I think that one of the most proud and surprising moments of parenthood is realizing that your child has a wicked little sense of humor. Enjoy!

Kyla said...

KayTar is a Drawing Dictator, too. My favorite thing is when she asks for something and I draw it and she says, "Nooooo." like my skills are beneath her vision for the project. LOL.

And I guess Mr. Dressup was Canada's Mr. Rogers?

Mac and Cheese said...

My art skills are sadly lacking, but fortunately my orders are only to draw happy faces. I'm screwed if it gets more complicated than that.

something blue said...

Uncanny! She's a real monkey.

I know you'll appreciate how I was thrilled that Colin

something blue said...

Darn that didn't work like the preview showed.

It was supposed to say "got this photo" and link to

something blue said...

Still no dice. Oh well. It's a picture of Strawberry at Casey and Finnigan's Treehouse. I'll stop littering your comments now. sorry.

Anonymous said...

I do have a Finnegan.... we worried about the mr.dressup issues! We didn't do it for the nostalgia, just because we LOVE the name Finn.

kgirl said...

jumping and drawing are two of bee's favourite things as well. the problem is that her request is always for me to draw a polar bear. have you ever tried to draw a polar bear? can't be done.
why didn't mr. d teach us that?

Mimi said...

Ooooh, I always loved watching Mr. Dressup draw. You're right. It was totally hypnotic. Pynchon says Munchkin looks like me ... when she's frowning. Hm.

Nice draw-rings, btw :-)

Mimi said...

Oh, and who's going to tell Kyla that Mr. Rogers started his career on CBC? :-)

Maddy said...

You'll have to link to U-tube for us foreigners.

This is my calling card or link"Whittereronautism"until blogger comments get themselves sorted out.

Ali said...

note to self...must purchase those naughty boxers. they are awesome!

Denguy said...

Ya, I loved to watch Mr. Dressup draw, too--until, that is, one day I say inches away from the TV screen and noticed that the big sheet of paper had faint pencil drawings on it.
The art was predetermined and he would just trace over the pencil with that big, black marker.

petite gourmand said...

I miss Mr. dressup.
He was the best.
Though I did manage to PVR Mr. Rogers the other day.
Lulu loved the trolley and the long lecture about not playing with matches.

Janet said...

I am shocked by Denguy's revelation! Faint pencil lines already on the big sheet of deliciously blank white paper?!!!

Mr. Dressup is now dead to me.

Mrs Imelda said...

I agree that Mr Dressup was the coolest -way cooler than Mr Rogers whom Ernie Coombs aka Mr Dressup worked under before he became Mr Dressup) I have vivid memories of the sound of the marker when he drew and remember the sound of the scissors when he cut paper (I always tried to make that sound but couldn't. Reruns of that show ran for years even after his death and boy Imelda loved it as much as I. They don't make toddler shows like that any more.

Lisa b said...

nice naughty shorts.
Adults in a kids world are all like those 'wa wah wah" adults on charlie brown.

Mrs. Chicky said...

Who is Mr. Dressup? Is that another one of those Canadian phenomenons that I just won't understand, like the love of Zambonis?

Oh, The Joys said...