Wednesday, December 5

motherbumper PSA on EWG and BPA

*** edit to add: I'm also talking about this over at BlogHer's Act Canada ***

oh how I love acronyms

Have you heard about the Environmental Working Group and the baby safe program? I just learned about them from The League of Maternal Justice - who is currently blogging about it - LIVE!

The mission of the EWG is to "use the power of public information to protect public health and the environment".

My heart is aflutter and my brain is alearning.

How can a group that "shames and shakes up polluters and their lobbyists" and "rattles politicians and shapes policy" be anything but f'ing awesome? It can't because it is so obviously awesomeotasitic to the nth degree.

Rattling, shaping, shaming, and shaking are super sexy when it comes to activism.

Go on over to LMJ and learn more from Sonya Lunder, EWG Senior Analyst who is talking about BPA in baby formula.

Bumper With Attitude says
"Get BPA outta the formula you foolish corporations -
ovarian cysts are not cool"


Kyla said...

EWG is where I check all of our cosmetics to see exactly how much cancer we are getting with our dollars. Ugh. But they are wonderful and I feel better having bought something I am informed about.

nomotherearth said...

worth looking into for sure.

Mom101 said...

So glad you're writing about this. It's really freaking scary. Sometimes I'm in a fighting mood, and sometimes I just want to close my eyes and scream and hope it all goes away.

mm said...

Makes me thankful none of my three ever had a drop of the stuff.
Friend, the chemist was kind enough to explain that _________ is actually the same chemical make up as anti freeze... oh and that one there ________ is like the propellants to get fuel in to you car.

thinking to myself, I'm NEVER going shopping with this dude again, pregnant or not!
HOLY CRAP?! and they are charging HOW much for this poison?


something blue said...

Yikes! Holy jumping lizards. Foolish corporations indeed. Who needs to baby proof your homes these days?